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What Is A Quinceañera?


August 2, 2021


What Is A Quinceañera: And How You Can Start Planning One Today!

Like any classic coming-of-age story, the celebration and transformation from childhood to womanhood is a recognized right of passage. In Latino homes, girls patiently anticipate their 15th birthday to arrive, and when the day finally does, dressing up, attending mass, cooking food, playing music, and dancing commence. This celebration is called a quinceañera

What Is a Quinceañera?

The term “quinceañera” refers to both the celebration itself and the celebrant who is turning 15. In Spanish, 15 is “quince,” hence a quinceañera being the celebration of one’s 15th year. Just like a bat mitzvah in Judaism, or a confirmation in Catholicism, a quinceañera is equal parts religious rite-of-passage and social celebration. 

Observed in Mexico, Latin America, the Caribbean, and among Latino communities worldwide, quinceañeras have existed at least since Spain colonized the Aztec empire in modern-day Central America. And even before then, Mesoamerican civilizations including the Aztec and Mayan cultures had similar coming-of-age traditions. It is believed that the quinceañera resulted from a fusion of Spain’s Roman Catholic influence on indigenous celebrations. 

Quinceañera Traditions

While quinceañeras have evolved over the years, there are a handful of traditions and rituals that have stood the test of time and are still observed today. 


The quinceañera wears a fancy ball gown and members of her court dress to the nines in tuxedos and dresses. Other attendees require less attention to detail. However, they also dress in formal or semi-formal attire to celebrate and honor the quinceañera and her family. 

Some celebrations are organized by a theme. So, your attire, whether as a guest or the lucky gal, could rely on what is decided by the host.

The Court of Honor

Just like a bride has a bridal party at her wedding, the quinceañera has a court of honor made up of close friends and family members at her quinceañera. There are no gender restrictions and the court can consist of whomever the quinceañera chooses. Typically, members of the court coordinate their attire to match the colors and theme of the party. It is an honor to be a member of the court, and the title often requires a few extra responsibilities. Court members may help plan the event or come together to do something extra special for the quinceañera. Similar to bridesmaids, they are there to make her feel loved and supported as she becomes a woman.

Attending Mass

Since Spain colonized Central America from the 15th-19th century, quinceañeras have deep roots in Roman Catholicism. Attending mass is a traditional first step in quinceañera celebrations. During the ceremony, the quinceañera is given a special kneeling pillow. And while the history of quinceañeras is rooted in Catholicism, modern quinceñearas can and are often celebrated by Christians and spiritual non-Catholics as well. 

The Celebration

Either immediately after mass or later in the evening, there is typically a big banquet celebration at a venue. The venue is decorated to a theme; there are tables for guests to enjoy a meal together and a dance floor to dance the night away. A table for the quinceañera, her court, her parents, and close family members, called the “mesa de honor (table of honor),” is also arranged. 

A chambelan de honor is the quinceañera’s escort. This person is typically a male family member, like the quinceañera’s father, cousin, or brother. Because a Latino woman is still considered a child until her quinceañera, taking the role of the chambelan de honor is an honor and a privilege, as he “gives up” the quinceañera and allows her to begin dating or (historically) become available for marriage. 

The Last Doll

The last doll symbolizes the transformation from childhood to adulthood. A gift from the father, the last doll represents a quinceañera’s final piece of childhood. Like the bridal bouquet toss at a wedding, the quinceañera tosses the doll to the girls in attendance under fifteen. This represents a quinceañera leaving behind her childhood and moving into adult independence and responsibility. 

Changing Shoes

It is customary for the quinceañera to wear flats during her quinceañera until the changing of the shoes ceremony. Right before the father-daughter waltz, the quinceañera’s father presents her with a pair of high heels and changes out her shoes. This transformation is another example of symbolic transformation into womanhood. 

Father-Daughter Waltz

The father-daughter waltz is a quinceañera tradition that won’t leave a single eye dry at the reception. The dance provides a special opportunity for the father to have a moment with his daughter and celebrate her coming of age. The father shares words of encouragement and love as she begins her journey through dating, marriage, and other adult-related responsibilities. 

Quinceañera Venues

A girl only has one quinceañera in her lifetime, so making the day as special and beautiful as possible is something she won’t forget! Our indoor and outdoor venues elevate any event to the next level, and it feels so good to have venue-related responsibilities off of your to-do list. We keep your perfect day in mind as we help you craft your event into an unforgettable day or night. 

In today’s modern world, we are so blessed to have the technology to connect with loved ones both near and far with the click of a button! We often recommend hybrid events so that people can celebrate in real-time with the quinceañera from anywhere in the world. 

Additionally, our event coordinators will help you roll out the red carpet and are ready to guide you through your event planning process. Whether you know exactly what you want, or need some guidance, we have an event venue to fit your unique needs. Send us an inquiry to get started!