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How To Plan A Bachelorette Party: Your Step-by-Step Guide


August 19, 2020

Grab your best friends, and have a day, weekend, or even a week celebrating the love you’ve found at your bachelorette party. This is a party that many of us dream about when we think about planning our wedding. When it comes time to plan, it is a much more detailed process than imagined. If you are stumped on where to get started, we have some helpful bachelorette party planning ideas for you.

1 | Decide Who Is Planning The Bachelorette Party

Tradition says that your Maid of Honor will be your bachelorette party planning go-to—but, in some cases, that person may not be the best planner, or you may even want to really take charge of the planning on your own. This is a decision that you, as the bride, get to decide. Don’t feel like you have to go with tradition if you have the bandwidth and wish to plan on your own or have a professional do it. The quality time with your loved ones will be special no matter what. Just make sure to decide who will be planning this party early so that whoever it is can get started.

2 | Decide Who’s Invited

You can expand your bachelorette party guest list past the people in your wedding party. Many brides have family members and best friends who may not be in the wedding party, but they want at their celebratory weekend. So, be sure to write down everyone you want to invite so that the information is organized and give it to the person planning the event. If you will be traveling, it could also be helpful to start a spreadsheet with the guest names, cities they would fly from, and the average price to your dream destinations. Some people may live in cities with international airports, making flying anywhere affordable, but for those in smaller communities, that same cheap flight might be upwards of $1k. It is good to keep everyone in mind so that you can keep costs as consistent as possible (it will never be a perfect scenario for everyone, though, so do your best and don’t stress).

3 | Send out a Save The Date

Just as we want to let our guests know when our weddings will be so that we can earn the coveted spot on their calendar, we also want our bachelorette party-goers to know ahead of time. Not only does this give your best friends a heads-up that fun is on the way, but it also helps you to get a headcount of who will make it! For the Save The Date, you don’t have to have everything planned either. In fact, you can use an app like Doodle to have folks pick their availability between specific weekends, and even give your group the option to decide between a few different destinations. This depends on you, though. If you would rather have everything planned out and send it to whoever can come, that is perfectly fine as well.

4 | Pick The Destination

Once your loved ones have voted on the times and place, it is time to choose which destination is best for you. Whether you book an event space for an evening or decide to travel around the world to celebrate is up to you, just be sure to make the decision as soon as you can. 


5 | Fill Up Your Days (But Not Too Much)

Have you ever been on a vacation and planned so much to do that you needed an additional vacay afterward? Us too. If you choose to plan a whole bachelorette party weekend, you don’t want to jam all of your days with sight-seeing, exploring, and fitness classes, because you are also going to want to just chill out with your people. So, we recommend planning out a few of these bachelorette party ideas, like dining at a beautiful restaurant with a view, a fitness class, a tour of the city, and a brunch spot, and spreading them across a few days. That way, you will have one or two things planned each day to keep the momentum going, but also have time for those deep conversations and spontaneous moments that you will relish forever. 

6 | The Gifts of Gifts

Sashes and crowns may seem cheesy, fun, or somewhere in between for you. It is important to tell your planner what you want, because the party favors can go from cute to overwhelming very quickly. If you are not the type of bride who wants a sash for instance—make that known. Your guests can still get amazing personalized gifts like water bottles, towels, jewelry, or even a nice hand-written note talking about how much you appreciate them without the customized stuff you do not want.

7 | Bachelorette Party Decorations

Nothing makes a day more special than a little bit of decor. Keep things classic and simple with some white flowers, balloons, and cute signage. These parties do not need to be over-the-top, but anything that is catered specifically to your love story, inside jokes with your friends, or the like is up to your taste and needs.

8 | Let Loose

Whether your party is a weekend-long or a fancy evening, be sure to have fun and remember why you are there—to celebrate friendships who supported you as you found your forever partner and to celebrate your love for your partner. This is not time to be nervous or stressed, let yourself be completely you and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

If you are looking for a beautiful place to have a private bachelorette party with your friends—contact us. We have gorgeous indoor and outdoor event spaces for bachelorette parties big and small, and they are a perfect backdrop for personalized decor for you and your loved ones. We cannot wait to celebrate with you.