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Here Are Our Favorite Quinceañera Themes


August 10, 2021


Here Are Our Favorite Quinceañera Themes

In Latinx culture, a quinceañera is a rite of passage for girls that marks their debut into adult life. Generations have passed down traditions that the celebration carries. It brings together friends and family for a weekend of religious and social celebration. 

Quinceanera: meaning fifteen years

Bring on the pressure, right? But planning a quinceañera is not an impossible task and becomes easier with tricks like focusing on a theme.  

Why Is A Quinceañera Theme Important?

Having a theme for a quinceañera provides an incredible starting point for planning, which can feel overwhelming in the early stages. Once you’ve selected a theme, there is more structure and guidance for choosing decor pieces, picking out the perfect dress, and finding excellent food and desserts. 

A quinceañera is a symbolic send-off of a beloved young woman. Having a theme to make the night special brings joy to the birthday girl and her family. The ultimate purpose of a quinceañera is to celebrate and make memories, so having a theme to make the night spectacular could further enhance the evening.

An added bonus is that having an awesome theme will help your event stand out among the many quinceañeras that teenagers attend in a given year. From quinceañera decorations to clothes, hair, makeup, and everything in between, paying attention to every thematic party detail to establish a cohesive style, theme, and aesthetic won’t go unnoticed. 

How to Choose the Right Theme

The first step in coming up with the right theme for the festivities is to consider the quinceañera’s likes and interests. Whether that be pop culture, sports, literature, or anything in between—putting her first will make her feel extra special on her big day.

Another theme-planning consideration is the size type of event you plan to host. Is this a small and intimate affair, an invite-everyone-you-know party, or perhaps a hybrid event? Taking your party’s demographic, age range, and head count into consideration will make the planning process a whole lot smoother in the long run. 

Today we’re sharing our favorite quinceañera themes

Quinceañera Themes

Disney Princess

Close up photo of a quinceanera dress for the quinceanera theme of Disney

If your quinceañera is obsessed with everything Disney or even has a favorite princess in mind, make the theme all things Disney! Ariel is a favorite princess? Time to find underwater mermaid decorations. Princess Belle? Pull out china teapots, place a rose in a glass stand at every table, and send out invites reading “Be our guest!” (just like the song). This is your opportunity to fully embody the princess of your quinceñera’s dreams for the night, so don’t hold back! 

We love this theme because you can encapsulate every detail into it. From how your guests dress to what food you serve—each movie has iconic and repeatable details to make any event stand out.

A Night in Paris

For the quinceañera who loves all things French—you can’t go wrong with this tres chic theme. Rent out an elegant room, like the stunning Diamond Ridge room, and adorn it with sophisticated artwork hanging from the walls and beautiful floral decor on the tables.

As one of the most famous cuisines on earth, your caterer or talented family member can replicate some delectable hors d’oeuvres like seasonal canapes, savory galettes, cheese puffs (or gougeres), and croque monsieur.

You can also choose a sleek French style, asking guests to come in their Sunday best or lean more French countryside, with a call for bohemian style on the invite.

Winter Wonderland


Are you working with a winter birthday? Fully embrace the season by transforming the venue into a winter wonderland! Deck the halls with fake snow, glitter, and white balloons, and awe your guests with a snowflake ice sculpture. Dress the court of honor in icy blue and have a hot chocolate station where guests can stay cozy and warm. 

Take this theme to any season by leaning into its classic flavors and features (like fruity drinks and bright colors for Summer) and creating an ambiance with seasonal colors.

Masquerade Ball

Looking for some excitement and magic? Disguise your guests behind colorful and over-the-top masks for an evening of entertainment. There’s something about the element of disguise that adds a fun sprinkle of mystery to an evening of celebration. Masquerade Balls are typically extravagant and lavish, which ties in perfectly with a quinceañera. Add to the fantastical element of a masquerade ball with fortune tellers, a photo booth, and candelabra centerpieces. 

You could even have a mask-making station to make your event interactive. This is a great way to work in a surprise theme and ensure everyone gets a mask!

Color Theme 

Can’t imagine your party without your favorite color? Decorate the room in monochromatic madness. With this theme, it’s important to really stick to one color, or else the theme risks confusion (so first make sure you really like the color). Make your dress, cake, table settings, centerpieces, gift baskets, and invitations all the same color, and have fun with it!

At first glimpse, this may seem “too simple.” When you really dive into the theme, having the food, drinks, decor, and everything you see live within one color range is something that is unexpected and absolutely beautiful to experience. You can find beautiful examples of this all over Pinterest!


Does your quinceañera prefer to dress up in a sports uniform than a gown?  If that’s the case, ditch the dresses and go for a sports theme. It’s her day and she should feel comfortable and loved throughout. Make each table a different sport or a different team, and have your DJ host various competitions and activities until one table arrives on top as the winner. 

This theme is wonderful for the celebrated attending multiple events in one year. Guests will be surprised by the theme, and it offers you tons of ways to throw something different than anyone else will have.  

Night on the Met Gala Red Carpet

Lights, camera, action! Make the night a star-studded red-carpet event that embraces everything over-the-top and high-fashion Hollywood. The Met Gala’s red carpet is known for being America’s most fashion-forward event of the year… but what they don’t know is that your quinceañera is about to steal the show. Roll out a red carpet near the entrance of your venue, hire photographers and reporters to interview and photograph guests as they arrive, and glamorously have the quinceñeara and court arrive by limousine. 

Plus, like any Met Gala, you can give your guests a fun theme to dress for. Like 2013’s punk theme or a superhero soiree inspired by 2008’s gala. 

Enchanting Garden 

Transform your Quinceañera into an Enchanting Garden where the celebration blooms amidst nature’s beauty. For the dress, envision a flowing gown in pastel hues, adorned with floral lace or embroidered details to mirror the garden’s charm. Encourage guests to embrace the theme with garden-inspired attire, like floral prints or soft, natural colors.

Decorate the venue with lush greenery, cascading florals, and twinkling fairy lights to create a magical garden atmosphere. Incorporate elements like rustic wooden accents and vintage-inspired details for a touch of elegance. Consider a flower arch for a picturesque entrance, and place floral centerpieces on tables to bring the garden indoors.

Delight guests with a menu featuring fresh, seasonal ingredients. Consider a salad bar with vibrant, garden-fresh options, and incorporate edible flowers into the dishes for a whimsical touch. For the main course, offer a selection of grilled vegetables, herb-infused meats, and light, refreshing desserts.

Choose a venue with outdoor space to fully immerse guests in the enchanting experience. Ensure there are comfortable seating areas for guests to enjoy the natural surroundings. Embrace the garden theme for a Quinceañera that’s not only a celebration of a young woman’s coming of age but also a magical journey into a blooming garden of dreams.

It’s All In The Details

When choosing a theme, details are everything. From the venue all the way down to the napkins, pay attention to every detail and always ask yourself how it supports your theme. 

Not sure where to begin? 

We recommend getting your groundings first by figuring out your venue. Will the quinceañera party be indoors or outdoors? How many people need to fit? 

Here at The Centre, our event coordinators can hold your hand to help you through every step of the planning process. With four different outdoor spaces and ten indoor ones, we have the perfect venue for every party and theme. 

A quinceañera is one of life’s most memorable moments, let one of our premier venue spaces elevate and enhance the celebration. Reach out to us to get started!