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How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Colors For You


July 27, 2020

A beautiful dessert display at a colorful wedding in Escondido

Are you a minimalist or a maximalist? Many of us find out the answer to our decor preferences as we plan our weddings. And honestly, a lot of us surprise ourselves. When we are single, we might imagine our wedding one way, but when we find that special someone, get engaged, and start to plan our wedding, many of us find that our ideas have changed. Finding wedding colors is an exciting part of the wedding planning process which helps you make crucial design and decor decisions. Today, we want to talk about how to choose the perfect wedding colors for you. 

1 | Pin-Point Your Ideal Wedding Style

Nothing is quite as eye-opening (or fun, for that matter) than scrolling through Pinterest to look at dream weddings. Pinterest has changed a lot over the years, from a place to find DIY ideas, to a complete search engine with ideas for DIY-ers and professionals alike. You will quickly find yourself drawn to a specific style as you scroll through your feed. Save them to a public or private dream wedding board for future reference, and to help keep your ideas organized.

A modern wedding color theme of greens and ivories. Flowers line the aisle in beautiful swirls as they lead to an arch with greenery on the top.

2 | Notice The Common Colors

As you start to feel that draw towards a style, you will notice a pattern in the colors used. You will see lots of white, light blues, pinks, beiges, and golds for a soft and airy outdoor wedding. For something a little more boho, you will notice lots of greenery through green plants, farm tables, stained wood, and muted tones. For something a little more Victorian-inspired, you will notice deep jewel tones, chandeliers, tulle, etc. See what you are drawn to and dive deeper into that world. 

3 | Gain Inspiration From Your Favorite Things 

Some of us might not be as drawn to any of the images we scroll through, but rather, the things around us. The truth is, you can do anything that you want for your wedding. Do you have a favorite photo in your home or a beach painting you can’t take your eyes off of? You can use that to select your beautiful wedding colors. There are plenty of places online where you can upload a photo and find the colors (you can also do this in photoshop if you have the program) to create a wedding color palette. Type in a link to the photo you would like to pick colors from and use the eyedropper to select the colors you love. If that sounds stressful to you, our team is here to help. We have compiled some fantastic work by designers on our Event Color Palettes That Wow Pinterest board which might have precisely what you are looking for.

4 | Work With The Seasons 

Are you completely inspired every time Autumn rolls around? The turn of a season tends to ignite some sort of creativity within us. Sometimes, it’s the cue to cozy up, and other times, like in Spring, a new season is a cue to start fresh with bright, vibrant growth. If you are someone who can not wait for Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, then why not use that to your advantage? Holiday and seasonal weddings are classic, timeless styles that bring a sense of whimsy to your big day. An all-white, monochromatic color theme could be perfect for a winter wonderland. Conversely, deep hues of reds, yellows, and neutrals set the stage for a perfectly Autumn event. 

5 | Shop For Your Colors

Sometimes, the beauty of color online can trick our eyes. We suggest ordering a few swatches or items in your colors to make sure you like how it looks and feels in real life. You can often get cloth swatches from dress designers if you are planning your bridal party attire, and you can order some flowers or other pieces of decor to see how it goes together. A multi-colored event is brought to life in a stunning way with proper planning and beautiful execution.


6 | Hire a Decorator

If all of this sounds like too much for you, do not worry—you can call an event decorator or planner in for some help. Many people specialize in wedding and event planning because of their creative eye and stellar organizational skills. It is an excellent idea to meet with your planner with some ideas in mind, though. They may ask you to start a Pinterest board to share with them or show them the styles you like in another way. Be prepared to provide feedback to help your planner choose the wedding colors of your dreams.

Our team at The Centre Escondido is here to help you make your day special. With 10 indoor and outdoor modern wedding venues, your Southern California dream wedding will be sure to come to life. Contact us today to find out more!