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11 Steps To Planning A Dream Micro Wedding


October 26, 2020

A micro wedding venue in San Diego County set up with about 36 chairs and a beautiful space for the couple to stand for their vows

Micro Weddings are increasingly popular right now and for good reason. They’re more intimate, easier to put together, and can be more unique than larger-scale events. If you’ve decided that a small intimate wedding could be right for you, here are 11 steps to planning your dream Micro Wedding.

1- Do Your Research

This is the most fun part of having a Micro Wedding because you have the freedom to customize it so extensively. 

What feel and motif do you want your wedding to have? Light and airy? Modern? Casual? What favorite foods do you want to see on your table that day? Where do you want to exchange vows? What does your wedding sound like?

Think big here, let your imagination take you (and don’t forget to take plenty of notes). Let’s call this the “Mood Board” phase. Start your search with phrases like “small wedding ideas” and “micro wedding ideas” to get you going. 

2- Set Boundaries

This is the first step of making your wedding real. In this phase, you’ll determine your budget and start steering those ideas in the direction of that budget. Keep an eye out for Micro Wedding packages and discounts.

3- Find the Venue

Next is the venue, because it quite literally holds everything together—both in terms of keeping your guests physically in one place as well as creating the tone you want your wedding to have. We may be a little biased, but The Centre is one of the most unique venues in San Diego with almost a dozen different spaces to choose from onsite. For whichever venue you choose, make sure that it can hold your guests, has great catering options, allows for the entertainment of your choice (live band, DJ, soloist, etc.), and fits well within your budget. 

4- Narrow Down the Guestlist

This may just be the hardest part—it comes down to curating the environment that you want to have at your wedding. The guest list is what separates a micro wedding from an elopement.

Stick to immediate family, your closest extended family members (think the second cousin who happens to be one of your best friends or that great uncle who mentored you and tells the best stories at any dinner table), and your inner circle of friends.

5- Get Your Dream Caterer

One of the many benefits of having fewer guests is the opportunity to spend more per head when it comes to food to make your wedding extra special. Give your guests a night to remember with unforgettable food. At many small wedding venues, catering is a breeze. At The Centre, you can even enjoy free upgrades if you choose to work with our partner, Vintana Wine + Dine.

6- Prep for Photos + Entertainment

Make sure you find a photographer, videographer (if you so choose), and entertainment about 7 months out. Really do your research here, and with apps full of portfolios like Instagram, finding the right people to help you remember your night is easier than ever before. As far as entertainment goes, make sure you find your DJ, photo booth operator, live wedding painter, or whatever you can think of in advance as well. 

7- Save the Date

Send save the dates about six months out to give your guests ample time to plan for attendance. 

This is a great place to let your loved ones know that your wedding will be small and tell them whether or not they can bring plus ones. Because you’ll only have to send 50 or less, these can be an excellent personal touch, whether you write them by hand or have a calligrapher help you. 

8- Find Your Fit 

Whether you’re wearing a suit, a gown, a romper, or jeans, you’ll want to get your outfit in order a few months ahead of time so alterations can be made. 

Make sure you have your makeup and hair sorted as well—and don’t worry, we have an excellent hair salon on our second level so you know exactly what you’ll look like on your special day.

9- Choose Your Florist

Because your venue is going to be smaller, you can really make a statement with flowers. Look back to your “Mood Board” phase for inspiration and go from there with local artists who can help you cultivate the perfect atmosphere with florals. 

10- Logistics Planning

This may be the most boring part of the process but it’s vital nonetheless. This stage is all about the small details: where is everyone sleeping after the wedding? How will the guests get to the venue? How will the new couple arrive at and depart from the wedding? Who will greet the entertainment? How will the centerpieces look at the time of the reception

Some venues, like The Centre, come equipped with audio/visual equipment, which will make putting your day together all the more easy. And, if you need some extra help, we’ve created a micro wedding checklist for you here.

11- Enjoy!

This is the most important part: have fun on your wedding day. All of this work is for you and your partner to come together and share your love with your family and friends. Use this day to make a space in which you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Planning your wedding and celebrating your love should be a fun and beautiful experience. We hope that these tips help you to set your schedule and get to planning. If you are looking for a wedding venue in San Diego County, please contact our team. We would love to show you around.