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What Is A Micro Wedding?


October 19, 2020

There’s a reason why everyone likes weddings: the love in the air, sense of celebration, the flower girl throwing the cutest tantrum of all time, the dancing, the food, and the feeling of being surrounded by our loved ones. 

They serve as a reminder that in a world of chaos, we can come together to celebrate one of the most beautiful things that makes us human—connecting with one another. 

That isn’t to say weddings can’t be chaotic. With so much going on between pictures and DJs and bars and centerpieces and gathering over 150 people (on average) around a venue, one of the best days of your life has been traditionally associated with being a little hectic. But that’s just how it is… right?

Wrong! In comes one of the greatest rising trends in the world of weddings: the micro wedding. Here, we’ll answer some common questions about micro weddings so you can ask yourself if one might be right for you!

What Is A Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is characterized by its guest count. These mini-weddings have 50 attendees or less. Anything more is considered a small wedding (and don’t confuse them with elopements, which usually happen with just the two people getting married, a marriage officiant, and a witness or two). 

Besides the guest count, micro weddings can be just like any other wedding. There can be a ceremony, a tall white cake, a dance floor, a photographer, and a DJ. Just be sure to think through your ideal day ahead of time to ensure you choose the perfect venue.

At first, the idea of a micro wedding might sound crazy to some. Narrowing down everyone you know to 50 people seems like a daunting task, but it can definitely be worth it. 

Will A Micro Wedding Make My Special Day Less Special?

Absolutely not; in fact, it has the potential to do just the opposite.

Micro weddings are intimate. They allow you to cultivate a space not only for you and your loved ones to come together and celebrate, but also a space in which the loved ones on both sides of the family can get to know each other.

With fewer people at your wedding, you’ll be able to focus less on hundreds of people and more on what’s most important: you. 

Who Should I Invite?

Well that’s just it, you should invite whoever you want around you the most on your day. 

Parents, grandparents, siblings, and a few friends who make you feel loved and supported will do the trick. 

How Much Do Micro Weddings Cost?

Once you add up food, alcohol, beverages, party favors, a massive venue, the right attire, flowers, and more, the average regular-sized wedding in the United States costs over $30,000

With the freedom that comes with having fewer people at your wedding, micro weddings can present an opportunity to either (1) scale down the day to cost a small fraction of that average or (2) spend the same amount of money you would have with a large wedding and make the experience of every single guest unforgettable. 

For example, you can move the resources you would have spent on feeding 200 people a basic meal to feeding 30 people a 4-course gourmet dinner. This is your day and you get to decide on how you spend your budget!

Do I Have To Deviate From Tradition In A Micro Wedding?

Absolutely not! If your perfect day is all about roses and garter belts and tossing your bouquet, nothing about the structure or features of your wedding have to change. 

That being said, micro weddings are an opportunity to think outside of the box. One of the many incredible opportunities micro weddings present is the flexibility they allow in their smaller format. 

Like we said, if you do have a larger budget, you can spend more money per guest to create that unique experience for those who are closest to you. Not to mention, having fewer people to fit in a space opens up a world of unforgettable venues to choose from. And you can even throw a beautiful reception to celebrate after.

Are Micro Weddings As Stressful As Big Weddings?

Your feelings around your big day are very personal. A smaller wedding may not relieve all of your stress, but planning for fewer people may help you to wrap your head around all of the details more easily.

Planning a day for hundreds of people can be overwhelming and standing in front of them all to share one of the most intimate moments you will ever have with your partner doesn’t suit everyone. micro weddings are far more relaxed and laid-back. We have created a micro wedding checklist to help ease your planning stress.

What Are The Cons?

The only real con is that some feelings might be a little hurt for lack of invitation but it’s important to remember that it’s your day. 

Besides, most people will understand, so don’t be afraid to be honest with your extended family and friends.

Micro weddings are an incredible way to make your special day even more special than you’ve ever imagined. Do a little research to see what’s out there and ask yourself (and your partner) if a micro wedding is right for you. If you are looking for a venue with indoor and outdoor spaces for your micro wedding, please contact our team. We can’t wait to help you bring your special day to life.