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A Micro Wedding Reception To Celebrate Your Day


November 15, 2021

A micro wedding reception set-up in white and pink at The Centre in Escondido

A Micro Wedding Reception To Celebrate Your Day

After almost two years of delays, today, weddings are booming! There are many reasons to throw a micro wedding—perhaps your favorite venue has a small capacity, or maybe a smaller venue aligns better with your budget or style. Whatever the reason, micro weddings are a trendy and versatile way to marry your special someone. 

A micro wedding is characterized by having 50 or fewer attendees. Whereas elopements fly under the radar unannounced and minimally celebrated, micro weddings can involve everything that a regular wedding has, simply on a smaller scale (guest-wise). 

Thinking a micro wedding is just the thing for you? Great! This blog explores all things micro-wedding, from the early wedding planning stages to the big day. Read on for more. 

Micro Wedding Reception Ideas

Finding the perfect micro wedding reception venue can elevate your big day and give it that intimate, personal vibe you’re after. A venue fit for hundreds of guests can feel desolate and sparse, but you definitely want to ensure enough space for your guests to feel comfortable. Here are a few intimate wedding reception ideas, if you’re looking to host here at The Centre

Fire Table and Cabanas

Located on the third level of our space, this outdoor venue offers an intimate and high-end aesthetic, perfect for celebrating love. Offering the intimate feel you’re after, this patio area comfortably sits under 30 guests, and various cabana areas are sectioned out by our fire table at the center of the space for a beautiful reception.  

Panorama Point

Another outdoor venue, Panorama Point is a deck patio that offers some of our most incredible mountain and fountain vistas and an intimate ambiance. Take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh air, our San Diego weather provides a beautiful atmosphere year-round. 

The Wedding Center

This indoor, 800-square-foot venue is perfect for a wedding under 20. There is enough room for both a ceremony and reception and our luxurious interior is sure to be enjoyed by the entire party. 

Our event coordinators are here to roll out the red carpet for you and help guide you through your micro wedding planning process. Reach out to us here to get started. 

Things to Consider

Micro wedding planning is no micro-sized task, but asking yourself essential questions that help you develop the exact details of the wedding you’re envisioning can help smooth out the process. 

Additionally, following a laid out, step-by-step micro wedding planning guide takes the guesswork out of wedding planning. 

And while working with close friends and family to delegate tasks to help you create the perfect micro wedding is super helpful, remember that at the end of the day, this is your big day. Recruit friends and family who respect you, understand your style and preferences, and want to feel like a part of your wedding process. 

We are also lucky to be living in a day in age where we don’t need to be face-to-face with all participants of the wedding planning process. There are many parts of wedding planning that can be done remotely, and figuring out what can be done over the phone or via the internet is the perfect way to involve friends or family members that don’t live near you.  

We’ve got you covered on the perfect micro wedding reception and party space, and we are ready to help you create the micro wedding of your dreams. Regardless of where you are along the wedding planning process, you can always reach out to us. We have years of event-planning experience and are ready to help you along this special journey.