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The Benefits of Hybrid Events


December 28, 2020


Each event type has its perks, but hybrid events may take the cake for the most cost-effective and far-reaching. If you are not familiar, hybrid events are an event that simultaneously allows in-person and virtual attendees. They are fun to plan and fun to attend. Here are the top 5 benefits of hybrid events. 

1 | More People Can Attend

This may be a given, but the hybrid event allows you to expand your guest list beyond the four walls of your venue. Many corporate events, seminars, and even weddings have gone hybrid because more people can attend for a fraction of the cost! While in-person folks may need hors d’ouevres, drinks, and entertainment, your virtual attendees simply need access to a computer and some creative ideas from you on how to get them involved. You can literally bring a hybrid event to an unlimited number of people with the right software and stellar planning.

2 | The Event Can Live On 

One of the ways for your event to reach the maximum amount of people is to record it. You may have noticed, in recent years, that you can get a ‘virtual pass‘ to many seminars. This is a perfect example of a hybrid event. If you are having an event with loads of speakers, subjects, and break-out spaces, you can record each one and upload them to your website or a video sharing platform like youtube for people to attend as long as you want them to! Certain technologies can help you monetize this sort of set-up, allowing folks to buy a pass and create an account to access your event.

3 | Reduced Travel Costs

For corporate events and even large conventions, a barrier is the travel costs involved. Let’s face it—events are already costly. They give a memorable moment to all of your attendees for a lifetime, but those travel costs can take your event from $$ to $$$$ in an instant. By offering a virtual option, your guests can all connect from anywhere in the world for whatever the cost associated with your software is, saving you thousands of dollars. 

4 | Smaller Venue Needs

What once was a 1,000-person event may become a 300-in-person event with 700 virtual attendees. This widely opens up your venue search giving you more options and a more intimate setting for attendees. We suggest nailing down your in-person guest count as soon as possible so that you can start to check with hybrid event venues near you for their AV capabilities. Even if the venue of your dreams may not have the technology on hand, they may be able to partner with someone who does, so have an honest conversation about your needs and see what the event team can do.

5 | They Are Convenient

Last-minute cancellations? Venue needs? Staffing needs? Whatever you may think of, going hybrid will probably make your event planning process more convenient. We know with every event that people might have to miss for some reason out of their control, or others might not be able to travel, but having a virtual event option allows your guests to tune in from wherever they are. Better yet, when you upload the event to another service, they can attend when it is convenient for them. So, probably the best benefit of all is the convenience.

If you are considering hosting a hybrid corporate event, seminar, or a hybrid wedding, we are here for you. We have tons of planning advice on our blog, and our team is here to answer any questions you may have. With 13 stunning event venues in San Diego, and indoor and outdoor options, the option for onsite catering, and much more, our clients find that The Centre Escondido is the perfect place to host the event of their dreams. Contact us today to find out more about how we can roll out the red carpet for you.