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How To Plan A Hybrid Event


December 21, 2020


How To Plan A Hybrid Event

As we start to plan for the future, hybrid events are sure to become more prevalent. Many of us are used to planning or attending in-person events and weddings, but how do you plan something that accommodates not only in-person guests but virtual ones? Here are our best tips on how to plan a hybrid event!

1 | How Many People Will Be Coming In-Person?

You may notice this trend in our advice, having the number of guests at the top of the “how to plan” list, and that is because this is one of the essential questions. When it comes to weddings, this is also one of the most difficult. But the number of guests will determine a lot of things. It will determine how much of your budget is used on the space and how that can trickle into food, entertainment, etc. It will also tell you the size of venues you need to be looking for and what sort of AV features you will need in the space. 

2 | How Many People Will Virtually Attend?

Now, this could be tricky. Sometimes we choose a hybrid event so that an unlimited amount of people can join, and sometimes it is so that our friends and family in a different state can join in on our parties. It is essential to know which side of the line you are on to have an honest conversation with your event venue about their capabilities and be prepared for any additional AV rental or recording services you might need to tap into.

3 | How Will You Engage In-Person and Virtual Attendees?

This may be the most challenging but creatively rewarding part of planning a hybrid event. Like any event, you want your guests to feel involved and a part of the event or seminar you are hosting. So, how can you do that? There are a few ways, and they are all fabulous:

  • Have a dress code
    • Something fun like cocktail attire or some sort of theme could make at-home guests feel like they are dressing up to go out
  • Include interactive questions or games
    • On an app like Zoom, your guests can answer questions and even play some games to be involved
  • Seat people at “tables”
    • For a part of the event, you can break people out into small rooms so that they can talk to others at the party
  • Mail a dessert or cocktail ingredients
    • If your event is smaller, you can mail each virtual guest cocktail mixers for the toast or cake in a mug so that they also enjoy dessert
  • Have the DJ or musician hook into the virtual platform
    • Having the DJ throws a dance party and speak to the virtual guests can get guests dancing the night away right in their homes
  • Create downloadable sheets
    • If you are hosting a hybrid seminar, you can have custom downloads for virtual attendees to follow along with for a simple something special

4 | Follow Event Planning Etiquette

Yes, a hybrid event is much different than a normal, in-person one, but the root is the same. One sure way to have a fantastic event is to follow the rules of planning a classic event: How many people are you inviting? How will you entertain your guests? Which venue is best for your guests? How will you make everyone feel comfortable? With these questions in mind and an honest conversation with your hybrid event venue of choice, you are sure to have a successful day!

We have hybrid event venues in San Diego county worth checking out. Contact our team today to see how we can help you get everything you need for a successful event. We are here to make your day special.