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Trending Wedding Colors For 2021 And Beyond


July 1, 2021

A terra cotta color palette with terra cotta, salmon orange, and a grey next to a photo of a woman with a terra cotta inspired bouquet

Trending Wedding Colors For 2021 And Beyond

After over a year of being indoors with virtual Zoom and small, casual courtroom weddings, in-person weddings are back just in time for summer!

Now, with all of that time come and gone, it may feel difficult to pick up your wedding plans where you left off. If you’re getting to planning and you’ve reached the point where it’s time to choose colors, we’re happy to say that we’re here to help. 

Here are a few trending wedding color schemes for 2021 and beyond. 


A purple wedding color theme with lavender, violet and a jewel tone purple

This year, couples are opting for palettes of multiple shades of the same hue to create a warm, cohesive, romantic look. Think “frolicking through a lavender field in France.” The combination of purples is both timeless and trendy, which means your wedding photos will last forever. 

Bold Color

Bold wedding color theme with a salmon, earthy orange, a soft red and deep purple next to a plate of macarons for inspiration

When it comes to wedding circuit trends, it’s important to look at the world of fashion. If you’re already paying attention, you probably know that the bright, bold colors of the 80s and 90s are back with a vengeance, resulting in some seriously fun, funky looks that can translate beautifully into a wedding.

We took that idea and toned it down with this palette that ranges from pink to peachy-gold to deep salmon to burgundy. Bright green foliage would also pop in this wedding. 


A yellow wedding color palette with a soft yellow, mustard, and normal yellow next to a yellow bouquet for inspiration

Pantone has spoken and yellow is the color of the year. Yellow doesn’t necessarily mean a rustic wedding with sunflowers; you can take it in almost any direction. For a modern look, pair it with grey; for a summertime wedding, pair it with lots of whites and natural greenery. You can’t go wrong with twinkling lights and candles to add a warm glow to a warm color, and you can choose from a huge range of yellows to match the tone you’re aiming for. 

Terra Cotta

A terra cotta color palette with terra cotta, salmon orange, and a grey next to a photo of a woman with a terra cotta inspired bouquet

We’re still seeing lots of boho weddings that nod to neutral earth tones (including plenty of pampas grass). From beautiful rusty terra cotta to classic neutrals (white, cream, light grey, and light brown/tan), put a 2021 twist on things with a bit of color. Terra Cotta is the perfect midpoint between neutral and color, as it’s in the realm of brown with some reds and oranges, making it a near-neutral and the perfect accent color for an earthy, eclectic, modern boho wedding.


A blue wedding color palette with a blue gray, slate blue, and navy blue next to a photo of a blue wedding for inspiration

When it comes to classic wedding colors, you can’t go wrong with blue (the old rhyme doesn’t call for something blue for nothin’) and it gives you a little wiggle room if you want to stay on-trend with some bold coloring. We recommend anchoring any blues with cream, or light grey—if you can’t choose between the two, cream is great for a daytime wedding and grey sits a little better at night. 

Dusty Rose

A dusty rose wedding palette with a soft gray, violet, and a deep maroon next to a beautiful dusty rose bouquet

Dusty Rose is here to stay. What can we say? It’s elegant, calming, and looks stunning at all times of day during any season. Bridesmaids look fantastic in it and it’s easy to dress up or down. Pair it with a deeper hue, like the burgundy seen in these gorgeous flowers above, for a wedding that friends and family will remember. 

Black + White

A black and white wedding color palette next to a couple in the black and white wedding theme

No list of wedding color palettes is complete without the classic black and white wedding. It screams elegance, simplicity, and grace. If you are completely overwhelmed by your choices in colors, it’s almost impossible to go wrong with black and white.

Whether your wedding color palette is traditional and elegant or modern and bold, we at The Centre Escondido are here to help you reach the wedding of your dreams. Visit us to learn more!