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Here Are Wedding Shower Ideas That Wow


October 24, 2022

High tea wedding shower idea with a white, clean tablescape and beautiful floral teapots alongside small cookies and sandwiches

Here Are Wedding Shower Ideas That Wow

We have discussed the difference between a wedding shower and a bridal shower, and now we want to help you throw your dream shower. It all starts with one thing—an idea. Well, we will be giving you several ideas to help jumpstart your wedding shower planning process. Read on to see what we think will make for the perfect celebration. 

1 | Pick A Theme And Go All Out

Themes can be in your face or subtle, and depending on your personality, you might lean towards either side of that coin. But, no matter what—even with a subtle theme—you can go all out. We love something monochromatic for a more subtle theme, perhaps playing off of your wedding colors. And for something more eccentric, throw a complete costume-worthy soiree. Wedding shower decorations give you room to have lots of fun and use your creativity. 

Some theme ideas we’ve loved: 

  • Pretty in pink
  • Luau
  • High Tea
  • Preppy Picnic
  • Tacos and Tequila
  • Brews and BBQ

2 | Find A Caterer With Food To Remember

Everyone knows the most memorable part of any event is the food. When you choose your caterer for any event, you should discern flavor, presentation, and how the team acts around you. A good caterer will make and serve good food. A great caterer will consider your theme to make your event one to remember.

That’s right—a caterer can be a part of the theme. Whether they incorporate your colors in the food or cook to your unique ideas—a great catering team will set themselves apart. 

3 | Create Custom Cocktails And Mocktails

Nothing pulls a theme together quite like custom cocktails and mocktails. Think of flavors special to the couple, and request that they are offered up at the bar. A cute little standing menu with catchy names and delicious drinks is enough to make your party wow. Plus, a mocktail allows those who aren’t drinking to enjoy the same benefits as those that do. 

4 | Have A Dress Code

Want to know something that makes your guests more comfortable? Making the dress code known. If you are throwing a laid-back barbecue party, let your guests know that dressing up is unnecessary. On the other hand, if you are throwing a high tea party and dream of seeing your guests in pastels and big hats, add that to the invite! Not only will the dress code pull together your theme, but it will also make your guests more comfortable when they show up and fit in.

5 | Include Entertainment

We don’t mean you need to hire Ricky Martin for your event when we talk about entertainment. Entertainment can cover a wide range of things—yes, Ricky Martin—but also some fun games, a cocktail-making or cooking class, a DJ, or any other fun activities. These things are especially helpful for the introvert on your list who wants to be involved but doesn’t have the energy to initiate a conversation with a stranger. Plus, it keeps your event moving smoothly. 

6 | Find The Perfect Wedding Shower Venue

In the world of events, planning early is a superpower. So, as soon as you know the direction you want to go for the wedding shower you are throwing, start contacting venues. We give this advice for all events, especially weddings. And to find the space that perfectly fits your needs can be difficult. If you are looking for wedding shower venues in San Diego, we have lovely spaces for all needs (and an amazing catering partner in the award-winning Vintana restaurant). And, if you are one of our many readers from around the globe, be sure to know how many guests you will be inviting and how many spaces you will need (indoor, indoor and outdoor, outdoor, a bar and dining area, etc.) Ask your venue team what they offer in terms of tables, chairs, and linens and if they have anything in-house that will support your theme. 

We love creating spaces for you to host your special events, and know that with this info, you can start the planning process on the right foot. If you would like to work with our team, contact us on our website. We are here in support of your dream experience.