Why You Should Have Coffee at Work


With about 83% of Americans drinking coffee, it’s become one of the most vital drinks to indulge in during the day. Many people find it difficult to start their day without their morning cup of coffee and even need a few pick-me-ups throughout the workday.

Since such a large portion of the population has grown to rely on coffee, it’s no surprise that they need it to get through the workday. But should your company be responsible for providing coffee at work?

Well, as it turns out coffee produces several benefits for your employees that can positively affect your bottom line. This is why so many offices provide this necessity for their workers.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to discover 5 important benefits of coffee in the workplace.

It Improves Productivity

Even after starting your day with a cup of coffee, you may end up feeling sluggish a few times throughout the day. When you start to feel sluggish, your work inevitably suffers. You and your employees may take longer to do tasks or not do them to your normal standard.

Coffee provides an extra boost of energy by filling your body with caffeine. Not only does caffeine help make you alert so you can complete your work faster, but it has other benefits.

Drinking coffee at work can also help you reduce stress and boost your mood. Happy employees tend to be more motivated and productive. When your employees are happy and alert, they are also more creative, so they can think outside of the box to solve important problems.

It Helps You Learn

The extra caffeine from drinking coffee at work does more than improving productivity. One of the biggest advantages of coffee is that it will help your employees learn by improving their cognitive function and comprehension.

But why is this important? Well, employees that can learn faster will be able to handle new tasks at work and eventually learn enough to move up to a higher position.

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It Helps Your Employees Get to Know Each Other

We’ve all heard of the classic office setting where employees all meet and chat around the water cooler. Well, the water cooler has now been replaced by the coffee maker.

Employees will be able to chat and get to know each other while they get their afternoon pick-me-up. This will help them work better together, so your office will run smoothly.

Bonding over coffee in the workplace or taking your team out to a local coffee shop, like Culture Craft Coffee & Espresso, can help improve your workplace culture. This can help increase employee satisfaction and help your employees work well together.


It Helps to Welcome Your Clients

The advantages of coffee go further than just helping your employees. It can also help your company relations as well.

If you have customers and clients that visit your office frequently, it’s considered polite to offer them a beverage, such as a nice cup of coffee. Or, you can also take your customers or clients to grab a cup of coffee from your local coffeehouse, like Culture Craft Coffee & Espresso. Either way, this gesture is a great way to establish positive relationships with customers and clients alike.


Coffee in the workplace benefits both your employees and your business overall. We’re curious: will you be adding coffee to your work routine? Share with us in the comments below!

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