Why You Should Book Your Holiday Party In Advance

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holiday party

Time moves fast, and before you know it, the holiday season will be just around the corner. We all know the busy schedules that come along with the holidays. From corporate events to school and charity gatherings, the holidays are often jam packed with plenty of festivities.

It can become even more stressful if you are in charge of planning a large holiday event or your annual corporate party. However, planning a holiday event can be painless — even fun if you plan ahead and organize early.

Better Control of the Budget

Of course, the top priority for most holiday event planners is to keep costs down while getting the best value for their money. If you start preparing early, you can take advantage of early-booking discounts that are offered by event hosting locations. Most venues can also work with you to offer tips and suggestions on how to take your holiday event to the next level.

The Centre in Escondido offers event planning assistance at all of their attractive event venues. Contact us to see what options we can suggest for your upcoming event.


Getting a head start on your holiday party means that you will most likely have more dates available. When you book early, you are able to notify people early. This gives attendees the ability to plan their own holiday schedule with ease.

Early preparation allows you to consider the preferences of more attendees, and to work with the venue to accommodate those wishes. So in order to get the best date, book early!

Get the Best Amenities for Your Event

Holiday parties are a time to unleash your creativity and to think outside the box. When you plan early, you can work with the venue to design a unique theme and decoration strategy that will have your guests in awe when the date arrives.

Early booking also shows commitment to the venue staff that you are prepared to make the event a success. Therefore, the venue will work with you to accommodate requests for special catering, unique decorations and even the best entertainment.

Make Planning Less Stressful

A holiday party is supposed to be fun, so why get stressed? Avoid unnecessary pressure on yourself by planning and booking early. Having the time to do extra things — like sending save the date invites, creating a buzz about the entertainment or even getting the attendees preactive — can provide a sense of anticipation. This way, you can address any problems in advance and avoid those last minute issues that want to make you pull your hair out.

Are you thinking of planning a holiday party for your group in San Diego? The Centre has 5 great venues to choose from. We offer great rates (especially when you book early!) and plenty of options to assist with planning. So what are you waiting for?

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