Wedding Venues in Escondido, CA

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Our Beautiful Wedding Venues

This elegant, urban location offers a sophisticated atmosphere with flexible wedding venues and extraordinary views over Escondido’s hidden valley. A sight to behold, The Centre is a structural masterpiece worthy of your wedding celebration. Within the heart of our facility, you will find our in-house wedding boutique, The Wedding Centre. Consisting of a team of experienced wedding consultants, they are ready to plan your dream wedding from start to finish with high attention to detail. Most importantly, we can work with your vision and budget to recommend only the best. Whether your party size is small, medium, or large, we have options prepared for every special occasion.

Interested in scheduling a tour or consultation? Give us a call at (877) 568-6118 to begin making your dream wedding a reality. Certainly nothing can compare to picturing yourself in the moment while walking your potential event space.

We offer more than stunning wedding venues and consultants. Some of the benefits we provide include:

  • Elegant and versatile ceremony and reception options.
  • Additional spaces that can accommodate bridal and groom getting-ready rooms.
  • RocknHair Salon can pamper you and your wedding party.
  • Catering options including services from Vintana Wine & Dine and other great local vendors.
  • Convenient 10-minute drive to various hotel and lodging partners.
  • So much more! - the centre wedding venues

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