Tips For Wedding Planning: Who Handles What?

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bride and groom

The question has been popped and you’re ready to take that next step. There’s a lot to consider when planning your dream wedding, and traditional delegation will help you navigate the next several months like a champ. For an idea of who handles what, consider these traditional roles and responsibilities.

Responsibilities on the Bride’s Side:

  • Engagement Party: The first engagement celebration is typically hosted by the bride’s family — usually within three months of the proposal.
  • Bride’s Guest List: Schedule at least a week to come up with the initial list of immediate family and close friends. Then spread to the outer circle.  The bride and her parents share this task.
  • Mother of the Bride Attire: It’s common for the mother of the bride to coordinate her attire with the wedding party colors. After this has been decided, the mother of the groom then complements her attire accordingly.
  • Bridesmaid Ensemble: While the bride and maid of honor can delegate tasks to bridesmaids together, the maid of honor is solely responsible for the bridal shower. Bridesmaids’ responsibilities include attending rehearsals and assisting with the bachelorette party.
  • Reception: One of the main duties for the bride’s family is to act as hosts throughout the reception. The bride’s father is expected to be the last to leave the celebration.

Responsibilities on the Groom’s Side:

  • Second Engagement Party: If the groom’s family would like to host an additional engagement party, it should be held after the initial engagement party planned by the bride’s family. This is typical if the groom’s family lives in another city or state.
  • Groom’s Guest List: Just like the bride, the groom and his parents will work through a collage of family and friends to solidify their portion of the guest list.
  • A Beautiful Scent: While the bride may want to pick all the flowers, it’s tradition that the groom’s family takes care of the all the flowers with exception of the bridal bouquets.
  • Groomsmen: The groomsmen are expected to help escort wedding guests to their seats. It’s also customary for groomsmen to dance with the bridesmaids during the reception. The men are obliged to wear whatever the groom decides for the big day.
  • Rehearsal Dinner: It’s customary to have the bridal party’s wedding rehearsal the evening before the wedding. This is typically followed by the rehearsal dinner, hosted by the groom’s family.

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