Top 5 Trends For Corporate Meeting Planning

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Corporate Meeting Trends

While corporate meetings happen year round, the latter part of the year is deemed the height of the corporate meeting and conference season. If you’re on the planning committee and are looking for some new and innovative ideas to weave into your meeting agenda get ready to take notes on these top 5 trends!

Team Building

The team building trend isn’t going away, just the opposite in fact! The momentum of this industry is booming and it’s clear to see why. Companies that specialize in team building offer an array of uniquely constructed activities that are meant to inspire, motivate and bring the team together for the greater good of the company, and its culture. Activities and exercises can range from physically active, to the quietly strategic. No matter what end of the spectrum these activities lie, they’re all meant to provoke thought, meld minds, and create a sense of camaraderie. We can certainly recommend a few team building companies in the San Diego area that we like working with, but if you’re not in the area (though we’d love it if you’d consider us for your next meeting!) we highly recommend seeking out a reputable team building company in your area to be a part of your next corporate event.

Incorporating Movement

If hiring a team building company isn’t the right fit for your upcoming corporate meeting, why not try to at least incorporate some movement into the meeting? Movement allows minds to break free for a moment, and invites a healthy dose of circulation to the body. As a suggestion, have guests do a lightly guided stretch at the beginning of the meeting from a qualified movement specialist (i.e. Yoga). This person could then be scheduled throughout the meeting for some light stretching and tips to keep you healthy at work, then offer a full session at the end of the day for attendees to participate in. Another hot trend on the movement front is the MELT Method, which incorporates the use of foam rollers and pliable rubber balls to bring circulation and relief to stiff joints and muscles. If your team is a little more lively, you could also book a Zumba session, or offer some sort of obstacle course workout at the event venue (if possible) or at a nearby local gym.

Menu Accommodation

People are aiming to eat healthier these days, and this is a good thing! Aside from the desire to eat healthy, there’s also the courtesy of accommodating individuals who might have food sensitivities or allergies. At The Centre, we’re happy to see that corporate meeting menu accommodation is a rising trend. Providing healthier snacks and meals is shown to keep attendees at their best during the meeting. Work with your venue coordinator, or an outside caterer to find out what options are offered from beverages and snacks to meals. A majority of catering companies are able to craft a menu that will work for your guests providing everything from gluten free, to vegetarian or plant based, and even nut free options.

Eco Friendly

The eco friendly trend is another one we’re happy to see on the upswing. Incorporating the eco friendly vibe into your meeting might include electronically circulating the meeting materials, teleconference options, online file sharing, the use of whiteboards and screens to avoid printed materials, and even offering distilled water as opposed to water bottles. Another consideration is transportation. Is public transportation close-by? If not can you offer a carpool or shuttle incentive to cut back on transportation costs? Eco friendly meeting practices may not be the easiest to implement but the positive impact they can offer in the end are worth it!

Stay on Point with a Mobile App

Lastly, did you know there are apps to help you plan your corporate event? If you’re planning a rather large event or conference, this a trend you simply must consider to make not only your life easier, but to also make things easier on guests. Meeting Play is one of our favorite meeting planning apps. They offer solutions such as the ability to pre-register guests, present the entire agenda, showcase the speaker line-up, offer general info, and even allow for attendees to converse with one another and post photos within the app.

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