Stepping Up Your Corporate Meeting Game!

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Man with glasses playing chessWhen it comes to corporate meetings, the sad truth is that most will tell you how much time was wasted during the meeting and how long, drawn-out, and unproductive it was. Why do companies spend so much time in meetings? According to Fast Company, 37% of employee time is spent inside a conference room. Perhaps it’s time to figure out how to get the most of your meetings. Try these tips to help get your team motivated to save time.

Limit Meetings and Time

Have your team review all the different types of meetings within a week, you will find that some meetings can be held using less time. Other meetings need less frequency, so cut them down to every other week or month. Limit the number of meeting invites that an employee can accept during a day. If you limit employees to one or so hours for meetings per day, employees will reserve that time for important discussions. You can also place a 30-minute rule on all conference rooms. This widely used practice limits the amount of time that employees have and encourages them to make good use of it.

Encourage Technology

Software like Skype and Gtalk, allow employees to get answers quickly or have quick 10-minute discussions without having to physically meet. This new technology also works great for remote employees who need to collaborate with team members.

Late Penalties

Select a list of charities that the company wishes to support. Have donation jars in each conference room. If someone shows up late, have them donate a dollar to the charity of their choice. Typically, this keeps employees from showing up late, but it also incorporates a spirit of helping others in need.


Depending on your meeting topic and agenda, using a good round robin update technique will work. Have one person give a brief one or two-minute overview of what is happening within their department. After that person speaks, on to the next. It’s best to use a sand timer. It will keep people from going over, and keep them on point.

Go Offsite When Needed

Of course, there are times when you really do need to get away for important meeting topics or a think tank session. When these times occur, go offsite and dedicate a day to help encourage innovation and motivation.

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