Shifting the Culture of Your Business

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Business team in a positive meeting Every so often, people need to start with a clean slate. This saying even holds true for corporate businesses. If things start to stagnate or if culture is taking a downturn with low morale, it may be time for a shift in company culture. It goes without saying that leadership teams will usually notice negative trends within day-to-day business, at some point in time. If morale is low, management should perform a company reset and switch things up. However, too much change can wreak havoc and make employees nervous. There are proper ways to manage a corporate culture shift. Take a look at these steps, and make certain you plan on resetting properly.

Understand Where You Want to Go

It sounds simple enough, but many corporations find themselves stuck in a culture rut. This is especially true if the same line of products, and or services, has been offered by the company for years. You will most likely want to expand your corporate offering to create future growth. Companies without a long-term vision typically have low morale. Without growth, organizations offer little upward movement for employees. When this happens, things have a tendency to get stale.

Offsite Strategy

Start by strategizing with top management. It’s best when you can plan a meeting offsite (at a venue) for a few days to strategize. Understand that not everyone will be on board with all decisions. However, keep everything in a positive light. While you don’t want to be unrealistic, you do need to gain buy-in from your team. Map all issues with your current culture. Discuss them as a group, then assign each issue to a breakout team to help determine a solution. Let your management create ideas to make positive, albeit, necessary change. You’ll find it’s easier to gain genuine buy-in when the team helps to develop the plan and solidify a course of action.

Actionable Plans

The hardest part of culture shift is taking action. As you meet offsite, make sure that your plans address how this plan will be rolled out company-wide. If this means changing the organization a bit, make sure that there are deadlines and accountability put in place to move forward.

Reward Positive Attributes

Think about ways to reward those who embrace the new culture you’re putting into place. If you are looking for new products or service offerings, pay a small bonus for new ideas. Or, think about new ways to educate employees for future growth. Create a plan that will help promote inside and upward movement.

Recap and Plan Annually

You need to give your plan time to work. While some companies change structure each quarter, (research shows) it’s best to review annually. Making changes too often keeps employees on edge. Remember, you want to create a positive environment where people have opportunities to learn and grow. Have you recently made a cultural change to your business or office? What did you find successful or not successful? We’d love to hear your thoughts. — Another post from The Centre you might enjoy is “Successfully Navigating Team Conflicts.“ At The Centre, a unique collection of experiences has been created for you to make the most of every day: Take in a concert, enjoy dinner with friends, host an event or an off-site meeting, drop your car off for service—all in one place. We believe you will discover that time at The Centre is time well spent. For more information, contact us today!

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