3 Reasons Lexus Cars Are Iconic


Lexus is no stranger when it comes to designing luxury cars that not only last a lifetime but look incredible too.

In fact, their cars have become some of the most iconic cars of all time! Today, Lexus is synonymous with engineering feats, smooth style, and groundbreaking engines. Their cars have been named Motor Trend Import Car of the Year countless times in the past two decades.

But what makes Lexus so special? Let’s take a closer look at this incredible luxury vehicle car maker.

The Lexus Engine

Lexus was one of the first car brands to introduce powerful engines into luxury vehicles.

When the Lexus SC400 was released in 1991 it wasn’t common for luxury vehicles to come with such a powerful engine.

The 1UZ-FE-V8 was powerfully built, reliable and quiet. Able to reach 0-60 miles per hour in 8 seconds. It’s 4 to 5-speed transmission paired with over 250hp was no small feat. Since then, Lexus has been changing the game when it comes to technologically advanced luxury vehicle engines.

Car enthusiasts to this day remark on the durability and fuel efficiency of Lexus engines.

Lexus owners agree the longevity of the engine has continued to keep the value of their car higher than others.

In fact, with the proper care and maintenance, most Lexus cars can “out drive” or outlive their owners. Almost every Lexus vehicle has had 4-valve per cylinder heads, dual overhead cams and some form of variable valve timing technology to ensure that your car functions optimally.


Engineering & Design

Open the door of any Lexus vehicle and you’ll immediately notice it’s beautiful engineering. From the spacious interior cabins to expertly crafted hinges, Lexus vehicles feature optimal design and details in all parts of their cars.

More importantly, Lexus was one of the first luxury brands to use powered seating, windows, and other mechanics. These features make the car more driver-friendly, meaning the layout of the car is not hard for owners to figure out.

Maintenance for these cars isn’t an issue unless they have been neglected or improperly cared for. Costs of repairs and upkeep are lower than most luxury vehicles because parts are easy to find!

Remember, with any Lexus vehicle, regular maintenance is essential to make sure your luxury investment runs smoothly and drives as anticipated.

Always schedule a service appointment at your nearby Lexus dealership to avoid any unexpected issues with your vehicle in the future.


Riding in Style

As a luxury car manufacturer, Lexus designs its cars with its prospective car owners in mind. To fully enhance the driver’s experience, Lexus looks to create custom, luxurious experiences from the moment the driver steps into one of their cars.

Their leather interiors are soft and comfortable compared to similar models from other brands and their cars are often paired with a beautifully crafted wood interior.

Lexus has also marked itself as a trendsetter in car design. For example, the Lexus SC400 that came out in the 1990’s was unlike other cars of its time. It featured smoothed angles throughout its exterior, which sharply contrasted the usual sharp angles found on other cars being made in the 90’s.


It’s because of this progressive, yet timeless style that Lexus cars have become quick classics, relished by car lovers across the globe. Their luxury cars have withstood the test of time for everyday car owners and offered incredible rides that don’t skimp on aesthetics.

Classic and Iconic

If you own a Lexus, hold onto it. With the proper care and maintenance, this car is worth its value year after year.

The Lexus Lounge at The Centre is a great place to get your vehicle maintained and in its best condition. If you’re more curious about owning a Lexus you can take a look at their available models! Our staff pairs knowledge with professionalism so you experience is superior any time you stop by. Come and see for yourself!

For more information about Lexus cars feel free to contact the dealership.

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