How to Pick the Perfect Business Conference Venue


When planning a business conference, the conventional boardroom just won’t cut it.

If you want to impress investors or clients, you’ll need to pick the perfect venue. So what should you look for when choosing a conference venue?

From the location to the budgetary considerations and onsite facilities, the following factors will help you pick an ideal conferencing venue.


Choose a convenient location to increase attendance at your business conference. Remember to ask about nearby hotels, transport links, and airport access. A valet service or ample parking is also vital for those who will drive to the event that day.

You can provide extra networking opportunities by ensuring that hotels and other local attractions are open prior to and after your conference. Or, you can opt to collaborate with a nearby restaurant to provide all conference attendees with the opportunity to mingle at a happy hour or sit-down dinner.

Availability of Conference Venue

Is the conferencing venue available throughout the year? This is important as you might need to book the venue months ahead of time. It’s always advisable to make a deposit to secure your booking.

Verbal agreements may sometimes be forgotten if nothing’s been firmly confirmed. By making a deposit, you’ll rest assured knowing that your booking is recorded and confirmed.


Who will do what? This is the next vital question you need to answer.

Make sure there is enough personnel responsible for guest registration, onsite meeting processes, technical support, catering and other conference management aspects.

In an ideal world, there would be one lead coordinator for each of the crucial processes–someone who can head a team, monitor their progress and sort out any ongoing issues.


Technical Facilities

Before picking out a conference venue, you must decide what audiovisual equipment you’ll need for the conference. This includes:

  • Audio systems
  • Microphones and podium
  • Projector and screen
  • Flipchart

You’ll also need to find out if the venue has Wi-Fi availability and charging stations for attendees, who’ll be grateful for being able to remain connected during the conference. You may also want to ask the venue to see if they have extension cords you can use if outlets aren’t readily available for attendees to charge their devices.


You want to select a venue that represents your event and reflects your brand’s image. Consider the venue’s location, reputation, decoration, and atmosphere. Does the venue represent your event and portray the image you aim to show?

Asking these questions ensures that the venue you pick will convey the image you wish to show and is relevant to your attendees. Some conference venues will offer branding opportunities, so it’s worth asking about that before booking your venue.


Food and Beverage

Apart from technology, catering is another in-house service you’ll need to ask about.

While most conference venues provide food and drinks onsite, it’s still vital to ensure they provide convenient options. You will also need to find out if they accommodate special diets or food allergies so every attendee is covered.


If your meeting runs over several days or all day, it’s often wise to pick a venue with onsite accommodation. This will ensure that the attendees can chill out when the day is over without worrying about travel.

Closing Remarks

Of course, planning an event is always a daunting task. But as long as you’ve taken every little detail into account right from the outset, it’ll be a hugely rewarding experience once it’s successful.

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