How To Keep Event Planning Stress-Free

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There’s nothing like a well-planned event to create memories for a company, a charity or any social affair. For those in charge of organizing the event, it may just be a matter of making sure it goes as smooth as possible. With the right preparation, stress can be avoided throughout the event planning. Use the following tips as a guideline for success.

Organize your Thoughts

Start planning your event as soon as possible. Right off the bat, create checklists that range from major essentials to minor details. Prioritize the checklist items by including a timeline of when they need to be taken care of. Keep your budget front of mind.

Coordinate with the Venue

A venue is more than just scenery. It can make or break the outcome of your event. Dial in transportation details, food or catering options, and any additional offerings you may need. Be sure to coordinate with venue representatives in advance.

Remember the Details

Even the minor technicalities deserve attention early on — from decorations to background music. Set a clear vision of event expectations and do the best you can to prepare everything ahead of time. Mentally walk through the event agenda to ensure you have all the amenities you need.

Prepare for Hiccups

When it comes to large events, your plans are really only as good as your backup plans. It never hurts to have contingencies in place for anything that may go wrong. Some hiccups you just can’t prepare for, and that’s okay. Do the best you can.

Commonly Overlooked Elements

There are a number of checklist items for event planning that are often overlooked. Take note of these commonly overlooked event planning elements and avoid leaving them out:

  • Signs, directions, venue information for guests
  • Primary contact information — make it clear if there are contacts for different facets
  • An accessible timeline or agenda so all attendees and venue representatives are on the same page
  • Allergies, food preferences and alcohol licensing

Get Feedback Before, During, and After

Attendee feedback can make a tremendous difference throughout the event planning process. You may not be able to please everyone, but you can use guests’ opinions to improve in ways you might not have considered. If you’re following up, do it quickly so memories are fresh.

Starting with a great venue makes every other aspect of event planning that much easier. At The Centre, we pride ourselves on hosting and providing for all sorts of events. We offer an array of innovative venue spaces perfect for speaking engagements, concerts, art shows, weddings and more! Contact us today to learn more about our venues and how we can assist you with planning and organizing your next event.

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