5 Contest Ideas To Spice Up Your Next Corporate Event

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Business Events at The Centre

The best corporate or professional events happen when attendees feel engaged. Starting or wrapping up the day with an exciting contest will help to get people focused as they get the chance to add value to the occasion. Not only will your guests enjoy themselves, but you will also have the opportunity to promote your company or cause in a fun and different way!

For your next event, consider these business-appropriate contests:

Business Trivia

A trivia contest is a great way to get people thinking. Each person can play alone, or affinity groups could come together in fun, themed teams. To keep things friendly, consider incorporating some humorous questions. Winners should receive creative and unique event swag.

Photo Contest

These days, pretty much everyone has easy access to taking quality pictures with smart devices. Most love the chance to show off a creative side, so why not give them more of a reason snap photos. Pick two or three different theme-winners so individuals have numerous ways to “get inspired.” Incorporate hashtags and social media to promote your event and get people talking.

Caption Contest

Caption contests create a fun way to get the audience mingling and in good spirits. It can take seconds to come up with a funny caption for a given photo, so you can share dozens of entries in minutes. Pull images from the event and the company’s social media to really spice things up!

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to infuse your event with fun and excitement. People may even get together for strategy, which presents a chance for bonding. Be sure to block off enough time for attendees to participate without missing any of the presentations — or use the scavenger hunt as a way to keep them engaged throughout the event.

“Guess the Drawing”

For this one, it may be best if an event facilitator does the drawing and attendees “buzz in.” A game like this can become energetic very quickly. It’s a good time to offer minor prizes, too. Just be sure you’ve broken the ice beforehand so people are willing to speak up.

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