2017 Event Trend: Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality Business Event

Using incredibly advanced technologies, today’s virtual reality (VR) doesn’t just involve putting on a headset. It’s an increasingly vivid experience that can include sensory feedback of almost all kinds.

Let’s look at some of the ways it can be used to improve events around the world:

1) Enhance Event Experience

The most obvious use of virtual reality is also the most versatile: to make an event more meaningful and more memorable in some way. Through VR, it becomes possible to develop special events with more interactive components.

2) Achieve Mobile VR for Remote Guests

Mobile virtual reality refers to the application of VR to mobile devices — including the smartphone as well as new purpose-built devices. It’s a great way to allow remote guests to interact and feel directly involved.

3) VR Through Social Media

Virtual reality is going to be a huger player in the future of social media. When it comes to events, “Social VR” will be the solution to a number of branding, networking and promotional aspects. Social VR can provide viewers with an experience that matches what attendees get to enjoy.

4) Virtualized Training Events

Because virtual reality offers the opportunity for attendees to explore a virtual space, it provides a completely new way to train. Attendees can compete against each other or their own records through interactive games. Ensure training is fresh, interesting, and valuable for employees.

5) Virtual Team Building

Interaction through virtual reality can be a fun and exciting new activity for team building at social business events. Advanced technology and virtual reality can bring team building to a new level by creating a new perspective on teamwork, communication and improvisation.

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