2017 Corporate New Year’s Resolutions

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2017 corporate resolutions

The new year is the perfect time to make a commitment to even better business practices. It’s a fresh start full of opportunities — a time to build on successes and to implement lessons learned. No matter how well you’ve done in the past, there’s always an opportunity to improve. Sometimes, that begins with a commitment to new thinking. Make the most of it, put people first, and make inspiration a company watchword in the year to come. Don’t hesitate to branch out for your business’s New Year’s resolutions this year!

Here are five corporate New Year’s resolutions that will strengthen the relationships and strategies needed to get your business on track for success:

1) Spice Up Your Business Meetings by Taking Them Off Site

When employees see most meetings as a big drain on time and productivity, you know it’s time for a change. A great way to spice things up is to bring meetings offsite. This will encourage better engagement, more commitment and a sense of excitement. When events are held at a special venue, team members will be more willing to bring their “A” game!

The Centre is an impressive location for off-site meetings. Call and ask us about our meeting spaces: 877-568-6118.

2) Incorporate More Team-Building Activities

Effective and successful teams don’t only care about results, but also about one another. That means building a strong sense of trust, camaraderie, and shared values. Team-building activities help coworkers open up to each other and build better relationships, which will benefit the business as a whole. Consider incorporating activities for outside of the office as well.

3) Make Brainstorming a Bigger Part of Your Planning Process

When teams put their own stamp on a process, they feel more invested in the outcome. Brainstorming sessions make this happen, ensuring you don’t overlook great ideas from outside the C-suite. Successful brainstorming meetings should include icebreakers to help establish the creative, comfortable atmosphere that gets the best results. Be sure to encourage initiative in a positive manner.

4) Uplevel Client Relationships Through Unique Events

These days, maintaining client loyalty is a 24-hour affair. Understanding their pain points is just the start. You need true “white glove” service to make an impression. Consider events that speak to clients’ unique interests and values. Consider incorporating games, raffles or fundraising for a good cause into your next meeting or event. When appropriate, you can even present a “wine and dine” friendly feel — a great change of pace among colleagues.

5) Celebrate Your Successes

In the business world, as in life, everyone has their own motivational levers. One thing remains consistent, though: People love to be recognized for their hard work. Teams shouldn’t just work together. They should also celebrate together. Incorporate special quarterly or annual events specifically based off results of team goals. Create a sense of incentive for the collective group.

The Centre Escondido is perfect for an off-site office space, brainstorming session or training. Come and enjoy a stunning place to celebrate and collaborate, offering meeting rooms to accommodate 5-100 people. We also offer team building packages, built-in audio and visual components, as well as catering from Vintana and more. Contact us today for inquiries, details or event-planning assistance.

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