Business Tips For A Successful Q2

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Business Meeting

April marks the start of a new quarter for businesses around the world. No matter how business performance looks at this point in the year, 2017 is still full of potential.

Here’s what to do to make Q2 more lucrative and efficient for your business:

Assess the New Year Goals

People celebrate the start of each year by recognizing opportunities for improvement. The same is true of businesses. It’s time to take a look back at the goals you established in Q1 and see where you stand. What operations need to continue? What needs to level up?

Meet With the Team

No matter what your goals are, everyone needs to be pulling in the same direction for them to be successful. It’s important to check in with all team members, no matter their role. Meet with individuals as well as department teams to ensure everyone is on the same page going into the new quarter.

Revise and Prioritize Your Goals

Even with the best of intentions, it’s impossible to predict how the market will shape your plans. Reassess your top priorities and make necessary adjustments. Hold true to the Q1 annual goals while remaining realistic, specific and measurable.

Determine Peaks and Pits

Look back at Q1, and map out the peaks and pits for each department or aspect of your business. Identify strengths that caused peaks as well as weaknesses that resulted in pits. Use these factors to help guide your business tactics for an even better Q2.

Find Ways to Sharpen the Saw

Businesses that support professional development win greater loyalty from team members. Everybody, from CEO to intern, should be encouraged to find some way to better their skills. Be sure to consider both team building activities as well as individual training.

Incentivize Higher Performance

Everybody has different “levers” that help them reach their best. Did your business provide incentives in Q1? Whether they were they team-oriented or geared towards the individuals, determine whether or not they contributed to the success of the start of the year. If not, you may want to provide new incentives for Q2.

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