Business Gadgets That Are Fun And Functional

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smart watch and smartphone

Let’s face it, business travel can be hectic and painful at times. Just getting through a long day of transportation and meetings can get rough. One way to simplify this lifestyle is with the help of technology. Luckily, there are savvy business people who know exactly what to keep and what to ditch when it comes to traveling for business. Thanks to people like this, business gadgets over time have become increasingly fun as well as functional. Take a look at these great gadgets you’ll want to have for every business meeting, event or trip.

Eco-Friendly Power

Constantly depending on your cell phone for calls, emails and organization can kill your battery fast. If you’re out and about or at a convention, you might not always have access to a power source. SolPro has changed that. It’s a compact device that allows you to use the power of the sun to charge your smartphone battery. Plus, it comes with two USB ports and creates zero emissions.

More than Just a Watch

Wearable devices have been making a fast comeback. The novelty may have worn off, but now the functionality is becoming quite useful in the IoT era. The Apple Watch just released its Series 2 line, which helps monitor your sleep patterns, number of steps, and resting heartbeats. It can even track your stress level. Plus, it will allow you to glance at important texts and take calls when your hands are busy.

Digital Assistants

Although you may not feel the need to travel with your digital assistant, it can help with preparations. Use it to find the cheapest airline tickets, make dinner reservations, or get the weather forecast for your destination. There are several options on the market, and while the jury is still out on whether these items will stand the test of time, they are fun and trending.

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Prices vary wildly on wireless Bluetooth speakers, but if you want one that lasts, it may be worth spending a little extra. Look for the perfect speaker that is small enough to have in your office for background tunes and light enough to travel with. Keep an eye out for Bluetooth headphones too — equally as fun and functional.

The High-end Data Monster

The new Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT flash drive can backup your files and then some. If you have to take files with you, get the USB flash drive that comes in 1TB and 2TB. You’ll only need to buy one.

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