Must-Have Business Apps for Productivity


The world of business moves faster than ever, and digital and automated processes are needed to stay productive and organized. There’s a lot of tools on the web that can help you stay industrious, but which ones can benefit you the most? Here’s a few:


Stay directly on track with this mobile app. Featuring a prominent timer, all you have to do is create a task list and hit the clock when you want to get it done. Users love the app because not only is it mobile, it’s an incredibly simple interface to use. Unlike the others on this list, it will drive you by the minute to get things done.


Throw away your post-its because Evernote will keep your notes easily organized for you. Plus, you can capture them from virtually any platform. Additionally, the Evernote platform allows you to take photos of your handwritten notes and upload them, or translate your voice notes to text. So even if you are on the go, this software can help you stay productive.


Making social media management easy, Buffer is the one stop for posting to your social platforms. Allowing you to create and schedule posts to drop all week, you can set it and forget it. Buffer makes digital marketing a breeze. They currently service the three main business platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


You cannot be productive without the ability to communicate and share. Dropbox is officially referred to as a “file hosting service” that offers cloud storage, so you can keep your hard drive freed up and running fast. The platform also allows you to immediately share documents with anyone in your network, which saves tremendously on e-mail attachments.


If you are a taskmaster, then Asana may be a good choice for keeping your productivity efficient. The web application (also mobile) is designed to help people manage their work. It allows teams to collaborate and task out jobs without the use of e-mail. Project Managers love this software because with accountability comes drive, and Asana tracks everything.

Depending on your business, you may not need every tool on this list. When it comes to modern management, it is critical that you think outside the box. Using software to store your notes, prompt your tasks, encourage your team, and even drive your social metrics, is how the successful people are making it happen.

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