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What Is A Vow Renewal?


September 25, 2023

Close up of a wife's hand over her husband's with their wedding bands on for a vow renewal.

What Is A Vow Renewal (And How You Can Plan Yours)

Marriage is a journey one embarks on that has ups, downs, and even some uneventful seasons. Perhaps you didn’t get that dream wedding the first go-around, or you’re approaching that milestone anniversary. Why not take the time to commemorate your love? Vow renewals are a beautiful tradition without too many rules around them. Whether you want to renew them every year as a couple or wait for your 50th-anniversary party, a vow renewal can happen at any time. 

What Do You Envision?

Vow renewals have no hard and fast rules. From a romantic dinner for two to a 50-person intimate celebration to a full-fledged ceremony and reception—a vow renewal can take on any shape you want it to. So, what’s important when planning yours is to think about what you and your partner want. From here, you can plan a day that is completely special to the love you share. 

How To Plan A Vow Renewal

Start With Your Guest List

The first step to any event planning is to know who you are hosting. There is a vast difference in event spaces for a party of 15 vs. 50 vs. 300, so understanding who you will be inviting and what sort of space you will need is essential.

Consider Event Flow

Next, you will want to consider what you will be doing at your vow renewal. Some things to think about are whether or not you will have a separate ceremony and reception like a traditional wedding or whether you will want to include the vow exchange in the middle of a cocktail party. These decisions will help you understand how many event spaces you will need. A separate ceremony and reception will typically need two different spaces while exchanging vows within a party would only require one space. 

Find Your Venue

In the planning process, you will want to find a venue as early as you can. When looking for the perfect space, consider things like what are included in the venue package (tables, linens, A/V, etc.) and the capacity of the venue sitting and standing. While some websites list both, most will only have one. So, you will want to ensure that all of your guests can fit in whichever way you are planning the party, cocktail-style (standing) or reception (sitting).

Talk To Caterers

Some venues have preferred caterers or an on-site culinary team that will be a part of your contract. Others allow you to bring in outside caterers. And some, like us, allow either option. We work with Vintana, our on-site restaurant offering a chef-crafted menu featuring innovative modern Cali-cuisine and signature cocktails, but you are also able to bring in a caterer of your choice. You will want to communicate with the team about whether or not you will want a sit-down dinner, buffet, or tray pass. Also, don’t forget to ask about bar services to bundle your cocktails with the food. 

Hire Your Entertainment

For a vow renewal, you will want to ensure you have someone to host the ceremony. While a traditional wedding needs an officiant, a vow renewal can be officiated by anyone—because you are already married. But it is up to you if you would like to have a professional officiant or best friend help you exchange your vows. You will also want to hire a DJ or band, a photo booth, or other entertainment to ensure they are available for your date. 

Send Out Invites

Two months before the vow renewal, you will want to have your formal invites sent out. If you are inviting guests from out of town, you will want to send those even earlier. 


Once you have everything lined up, it is time to celebrate your marriage and honor your love! 

If you would like to host a vow renewal in San Diego County, our team is here for you. Contact us today to see how we can bring your vision to life. From a romantic dinner between partners to a 600-person extravaganza—we have the perfect space for you.