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What Is A Bridal Luncheon? (And Should You Host One)


February 19, 2024

Table set up for bridal luncheon on bright summer day with flowers and vintage tea cups on each plate

What Is A Bridal Luncheon? (And Should You Host One)

No wedding is the same. Whether you marry privately with your dream partner on top of a mountain or host a multi-day soiree—there is no one blueprint to follow. If you like to show your unending gratitude for the people around you, the bridal luncheon might be the perfect intimate celebration to add to your list. 

What Is A Bridal Luncheon?

Whether you are the bride themself or one of their many loved ones, you may have heard the term’ bridal luncheon’ floating around. This event is different from all of the rest in a significant way. Instead of celebrating the beautiful couple, it is the bride’s chance to show her gratitude to everyone who has loved her through the planning process—especially the bridesmaids and flower girl(s). Instead of celebrating the couple, it is a celebration of gratitude for their loved ones. A way to say thank you for all of the parties, planning, and expenses involved in a wedding celebration.

Who Is Invited? 

Traditionally, this is an all-girl affair—the bride with her wedding party, mother, new mother-in-law, sisters, sisters-in-law, and even the mother of the flower girl(s). But, as with any wedding tradition, you can make this your own. Host the groom’s loved ones, and invite your closest friends—there are no hard and fast rules. Think of it as a ‘gratitude luncheon’ and incorporate everyone!

Who Hosts The Luncheon?

Traditionally, the bride will host the luncheon. However, some brides are offered this celebration through their parents, the groom’s parents, or even a close friend. Anyone can host this event for you. 

When To Schedule The Luncheon

In the line of wedding events, we typically see this scheduled the day before or even the morning of. The scheduling of this is key for a few reasons. If any of your attendees are from out of town, hosting it the day before the main festivities allows them to celebrate with you in one trip.

The Day(s) Before The Wedding

The morning or afternoon before the wedding will be busy, no doubt, but not quite as hectic as the morning of the big day. You will be filled with emotion as a celebrant, but the nerves likely won’t be as set in as the morning of your wedding.

Rent a private room at a local restaurant, book a reservation, or show your love by cooking a meal for your friends at home. This celebration can be as extravagant or laid back as you want it to be. A backyard celebration would be intimate and beautiful, the perfect place to unwind and catch up with the folks from out of town. But, something in a venue could help to take some stress off of hosting people in your home and give you a more ‘pampered’ experience. 

The Day Of The Wedding

Some brides choose to host on the morning of the wedding as well. This is a good option for evening weddings, as it will give the wedding party time to connect while they are getting ready. For the day of, we recommend a beautiful buffet with small bites and foods that allow your loved ones to grab food in between their sprints of getting ready. Since you will want to show your love for all, setting a formal time at the beginning to announce the food, give your gifts, and have a mimosa toast before dispersing would make this the perfect addition to your day. 

How To Decorate

A wedding celebration is no time to shy away from a theme. Planning with a central theme in mind can be easier, whether a theme is as simple as a color or a theatrical idea. Lacing your theme throughout the events will make it feel custom and unique. Think about how you can make your ideas come alive in cocktails, main dishes, decorations, and dress code. By having a theme in mind, you and your team will know which direction to take the space. 

What To Do At A Bridal Luncheon

The main thing to do at this wedding celebration is to eat. Everyone loves to celebrate around a delicious plate of food. But if you are taking this event a step further, schedule time for a bridal speech to give thanks to your bridesmaids, flower girls, and everyone else who helped make this day possible. After the speech, you will have time to hand out gifts to each person. This moment of gratitude becomes a celebration of its own. 

A fun tradition from the original Southern roots is called the cake pull. At the end of the meal, you will bring out a cake with some pull strings attached. At the end of each one is a charm. Depending on what your attendees pull, the charm will give insight into their future. For instance, a horseshoe means good luck, a telephone means good news is coming, and—our favorite—an angel means that someone special is looking out for you. Bring this Victorian-era tradition into today by adding charms with special meaning behind them or that speak to your friends directly. 

In addition to the main events, consider adding extra activities to make the bridal luncheon even more memorable. You could organize a DIY flower crown station where guests can create floral headpieces, host a mini spa session with manicures or hand massages, or set up a photo booth with fun props for everyone to enjoy. Alternatively, arrange a cooking class or a wine-tasting session for a more interactive experience. The possibilities are endless, so get creative and tailor the activities to suit the guests’ interests.

A bridal luncheon is an excellent opportunity for the bride to express her gratitude to her closest friends and family members who have supported her throughout the wedding planning process. Whether it’s a simple gathering at home or a lavish event at a fancy restaurant, the focus is on celebrating love, friendship, and the joy of impending matrimony. By incorporating thoughtful touches and meaningful activities, the bridal luncheon can become a cherished memory for everyone involved. So, if you’re considering hosting one, go ahead and start planning—it’s sure to be a special occasion that the bride and her guests will treasure forever. Contact us today to see how we can help.