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Small Event Venues: How To Host An Intimate Gathering In San Diego County


January 30, 2023

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Small Event Venues: How To Host An Intimate Gathering In San Diego County

Not every event needs a sprawling space to make it sing. Sometimes, a smaller space can create a completely different atmosphere. Think cozy, comfortable, and intimate. Searching for the right fit can be overwhelming; we want to help you organize a plan and get started. 

1 | What Is The Occasion?

All event planning needs to follow a few steps. First, you need to identify your event’s purpose; baby shower, wedding shower, social gathering, micro wedding, reunion, etc. Then, how many people to invite, is it a stand-up or sit-down event, will it be indoors or outdoors, transportation/parking, food and beverage, and decorations? Once you have these details figured out, it’s time to call event venues.

2 | Find A Venue

While venues nowadays seem to have all of the information you need on their websites, we always suggest a phone call and a site visit to get the lay of the land and ensure that you and the event team are a good fit. This phone call is a great time to ask questions regarding food and beverage minimums, outside catering options, linens, AV capabilities, and so on. Asking these questions upfront can save you a visit to sites that don’t meet your needs. 

If you are looking for a small event venue in San Diego County’s Escondido, here are a few of our favorites. 

1 | Panorama Point

Our outdoor event venue, Panorama Point, is a stunning setting for small events like birthday gatherings, reunion dinners, shower-type events, and even bridal party dinners. This 1,106 square-foot patio has beautiful mountain and fountain views along with an intimate ambiance. You get all the benefits of an outdoor event venue, with the space for a small gathering. The seated capacity is 30, but this space can fit 50 people standing for a cocktail-style party. As one of San Diego’s premier small event spaces, we also have furniture and decorations to get you started on creating your perfect event. 

2 | Crown Point

Crown Point is a stunning location if you want an indoor space for around 50 guests (seated), or 75 guests (cocktail-style). This expertly-designed space is generously accented with a glass wall. It also opens into the Crystal Ridge and Diamond Ridge rooms (up to an additional 700 guests) to allow for a cozy cocktail reception that transitions into a larger space. The AV features in this venue allow for corporate training sessions, board meetings, or even dynamic slideshows to accent your personal event.

3 | Delta Ridge

Our most intimate space, Delta Ridge, is perfect for a 20-person gathering. This is our premier business meeting space, with comfortable seating, a large screen, AV features, and moveable tables so that you can set up the room perfectly for your needs. With food options on-site, head from your meeting to a beautiful lunch or dinner at Vintana Wine and Dine with sweeping views of Escondido to end your experience. 

3 | Create a Mood Board

In intimate spaces, your decor can be minimal and still elicit a cozy feel. Here is a Pinterest board we’ve created for an intimate social gathering, but we also think some lovely added touches to a company meeting can elevate the day from good to great. Having something like a Pinterest board to bounce ideas off of is a great way to begin planning what this day will look like. In San Diego County, The Centre Escondido is surrounded by beautiful sites, including sweeping mountain views—natural beauty in the overall decor will further enhance the mood.  

4 | Talk To Your Catering Team

Whether throwing a milestone birthday party or celebrating a business anniversary, food and beverage will be an essential part of your day. Often, if you have a theme, your catering team can play off of it. For instance, mini sandwiches for a tea party or magical cocktails for a colorful theme. Your catering team will be crucial in helping your day run smoothly, so give them as much info as you can, and try the food beforehand if possible. 

5 | Send Out Invites

Depending on where people are coming from, you should send out invites eight weeks in advance. Make charming invites that match the theme, send them out for a small gathering, or even text your list. Invites can be as extravagant or as simple as you want. For something in-between, a website like E-vite will create fun and interactive invites to land in your guests’ inboxes. Let people know what you are hosting, the theme, what they can expect for the evening, and any attire information. 

6 | Hire Entertainment

Hiring entertainment for a next-level event will help create the exact ambiance you want. From live musicians to artists, a mixology class, or even dancers, your entertainment can be as unique as your event. Even if you don’t want other people at your party, hooking up a playlist to the AV system is always a nice touch.

7 | Get Ready For Your Day

Try your best to enjoy the process on the day of your event. The decorating, setting up (if you will take care of this), greeting guests, food, and drinks. It can all become a blur if you let stress get the best of you. The truth is things go wrong at almost every event. But, usually, those minor details go unnoticeable to any guest. So, let it slide off your back or find a solution, and then go on to enjoy your day. 

We hope this list gets you on the right track for hosting an intimate gathering in San Diego County. If you would like to host an event in Escondido, we would love to help. Contact us today for more information.