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Here’s Why San Diego Is The Best Location For A Destination Wedding


June 27, 2022

A photo of the Torrey Pines beach in San Diego County, one of the most beautiful spots for a destination wedding. The photo shows the road, coast, and cliffs agains the moving sea.

Here’s Why San Diego Is The Best Location For A Destination Wedding

When you think of your dream wedding, you probably imagine a stunning location, a gorgeous venue, and a guest list of all of your closest family and friends. And what’s better than traveling to an amazing destination fit for the wedding of your dreams?! 

There are a lot of advantages when it comes to having a destination wedding, like gorgeous surroundings, built-in vacation, intimate experiences, and a lot of adventure. It’s no wonder why they’re becoming so popular–according to The Knot 2021 Real Weddings Study, 19% of the couples interviewed opted for destination weddings

But every coin has two sides, and there certainly can be cons when it comes to traveling to an exciting new location. Certain elements can become precarious and need to be considered. Like will your destination be hard for guests to travel to? Will the weather be unpredictable? It’s hard to predict and plan around a problem if you don’t even know what the problem is, which is why unfamiliar destinations can feel uneasy. 

That’s why picking the right destination wedding location and team of event planners is so important. But lucky for you, we think we’ve found the perfect place: San Diego, California. Here’s why:


It’s no secret that San Diego is home to some of the most beautiful nature the United States has to offer, from beautiful white sand beaches to expansive mountains. A destination wedding in San Diego guarantees incredible views and, consequently, stunning photos. But beyond the picturesque backdrop, San Diego offers some other location-specific benefits that are of utmost importance for a successful wedding. First of all, unlike many beachfront getaways, it has its very own airport in town, making travel plans easy. Not only that, but it is also home to some of the very best hotels in the world. Guest accommodations will be a total no-brainer with the plentiful and wide range of options. 

Venue Options

Whether you want your wedding right on the soft beach sand along the water or in an elevated space that offers 360 views, there is anything but a shortage of options when it comes to wedding venues in San Diego. For a public beach or park wedding, permits are available through this website

If you’re looking to hold your wedding in a more private and curated setting, we’ve compiled a list of great options for you to consider at The Centre Escondido

Moonlight Veranda 

Fit to seat up to 350 guests, the Moonlight Veranda is the perfect setting for a gorgeous, outdoor wedding bash under the beautiful San Diego sunset. The view is unbeatable, surrounded by the jaw-dropping mountains of Escondido. Plus, essential wedding equipment like microphones, a projector, screen, and speakers are all provided.

Crystal Ridge

If you’d rather skip the weather elements and opt for an indoor wedding spectacular, then Crystal Ridge is sure not to disappoint. With floor to ceiling windows that bring the outdoors inside, Crystal Ridge is the perfect space for an indoor destination wedding.

outdoor space with tall columns and architectural elements creating a wall

Starlight Terrace

Another great outdoor option is Starlight Terrace, which not only boasts impeccable views, but also a massive statement wall with a digital screen for the ultimate wedding slideshow. Add in the fire tables, cabanas, and market lights, Starlight Terrace is a universal crowd-pleaser. 


One of the biggest risks when planning a destination wedding is the unpredictability of traveling to a location you’re not intimately familiar with. Elements such as the weather, legality, and language barriers are all things that need to be considered. But having your destination wedding in San Diego eradicates a lot of these unknowns. After all, SoCal is known for its mild, predictable weather.


Part of why destination weddings are so special is because of the bonding you and your guests get to do while traveling through an exciting new location together! And in San Diego, there is absolutely no shortage of fun activities to do. If you want to explore the arts and culture, San Diego is home to some amazing museums, like Balboa Park (which has 17 museums spread throughout the gardens), and is nicknamed West Coast’s West End, as it is home to two Tony Award-Winning theaters–the Old Globe and La Jolla Playhouse. 

If you’re looking for a theme park adventure, Legoland and SeaWorld are right in the heart of town, and Disneyland is just a short drive away. Or if you want to see some adorable critters, the San Diego Zoo is home to over 12,000 animals. 

Add in the vibrant nightlife, amazing restaurants, and scenic nature, and you’ll never want to leave!

With so much that San Diego has to offer, you’re probably getting a little overwhelmed thinking about planning your perfect destination wedding here, right? Not to fear! Let our expert event planners at The Centre Escondido help out.