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Your Next Dinner Is On Us!

Get your vehicle valuated by Lexus Escondido and get $50 to use at the award-winning Vintana Wine + Dine restaurant.

An Unprecedented Experience at Lexus Escondido


December 1, 2019

unprecedented [ uhn-pres-i-den-tid ]


  1. without previous instance, never before known or experienced, unexampled or unparalleled

To say that Lexus Escondido, and its trademarked AutoJoyment experience, is unprecedented would be an extreme understatement. Is it a process, a brand promise, a big huge audacious goal? An emphatic YES to all!

AutoJoyment is the blending of hospitality and entertainment with automotive sales and servicing. It is creating unparalleled amenities, care, and service to accompany your showroom and ownership experiences. It can only exist at Lexus Escondido by virtue of the home court advantage that they enjoy with their three-level, 326,000 square foot facility that boasts a golf simulator, private library with massage chairs, eight indoor and outdoor meeting and event venues, Culture Craft Coffee, JJ’s Boutique, JJ’s Loft, Stephen Fishwick Fine Art, RockNHair Salon, Andrew Arroyo Real Estate, The Wedding Centre, and of course everyone knows and loves the award-winning cuisine at Chef Deborah Scott’s Vintana Wine + Dine.

It’s not only a facility that makes a place great, as phenomenal as The Centre is, it’s the people that truly set this place apart. It’s their servant hearts; it’s going the extra mile to make sure that you feel welcomed, comfortable, and cared for. It truly is their pleasure to serve others and share their JOY.

That service and joy looks like $40 to enjoy at Vintana just for having your current vehicle appraised or taking a test drive, 10% off Lexus service and free breakfast at Culture Café on Saturdays, free manicure and pedicure in lieu of taking a courtesy car, invitations to exclusive events, courtesy car washes, and so much more.

If this sounds too good to miss out on, visit Lexus Escondido today to experience AutoJoyment for yourself. Of course, you can also learn more by going to or contacting us at 760-690-2740.