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A Wedding Decor Checklist For You


May 27, 2024

outdoor space with tall columns and architectural elements creating a wall

Wedding Decor Checklist: Remember The Essentials For Your Ceremony

We’ve all been there. Preparing for a party for weeks or months until it finally arrives, and *gasp* we forgot to order something as simple as chairs! Well, it’s arguable that no celebration in your life is more significant than your wedding day. We want to help you put your mind at ease by providing a list of decor to remember. This is for a couple doing it all alone or a wedding planner who wants a wedding decor checklist to refer to. We’ve had you in mind while creating this list. 

Wedding Ceremony Decor

A Modern Arch or Altar

Simple geometric structures or a floral arch are the perfect backdrop for your ceremony. Few things will attract guests’ attention more than you and your altar, so remember the arch, florals, and any other backdrop you want to include for your day.

An Aisle runner

You can go with the gorgeous and traditional white runner to walk down the aisle or try something different, like an aisle made of flower pedals, vintage rugs, or a custom runner made specifically for you.

Aisle Markers

Similar to the aisle runner, markers are important for indicating where aisles begin and end for guests. Popular options are floral arrangements, lanterns, candles, bows, disco balls, or a mix of them all! While indoor wedding decorations can be light, be sure to think of weight for any wind gusts that might come your way when choosing outdoor wedding decorations.

Seating Options

If you opt for a wedding venue, they may offer seating options like chiavari chairs, benches, or modern acrylic chairs that keep the sight lines open with their see-through design. For a ceremony outside of a venue, make sure you rent enough chairs in the right style and have them delivered with plenty of time for the other decor to be layered. The chairs are usually the first thing laid out for a ceremony.

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting!

Whether outdoor, indoor or somewhere in between, great lighting is essential to making your day perfect. Think string lights, fairy lights, and LED candles or lanterns for ambiance. Uplights and spotlights highlight focal points, and if you are hosting outside, remember extra lighting so everyone at your event feels comfortable navigating from one space to another.


Chances are, your ceremony will be held somewhere that not all of your guests are familiar with. Signage is not always an obvious need for couples, but you will need a welcome sign, escort cards, and directional signs to help people find places like refreshments, the restroom, and any other important areas for your ceremony.

Audio-Visual Equipment

You are celebrating the love of your life in front of your family and friends, so it would be sad if no one heard you exchanging vows and being guided into matrimony. Some couples opt to have a visual component to their wedding, displaying a slideshow of childhood photos or recent memories of the couple. You or your planning team should test these touches beforehand in your venue. And, if there is an audio piece, ensure enough amplifiers so everyone can hear you. Check the middle of the space and the back, and think of those who may have hearing difficulties. By thinking through these things before the ceremony begins, you should avoid any hiccups in the audio and video space. 

Extra Tips For An Outdoor Wedding 

Rent a Backup Tent

If you are inside, no need to worry. But, for outdoor weddings, you should always have a backup. Even here in San Diego, almost every day is sunny. But, for those few rainy days of the year, you want to ensure that your guests and yourselves are protected from the elements if need be. Call up your local rental company and have a tent on hold just in case you need one. Renting a tent will ease any stress leading up to your wedding if there are sudden weather changes.

Think of Heating 

No matter where you live, there may be a chill in the air when the sun goes down. Beautiful heating elements, from fire tables to propane heaters, are available at most event venues or for rent. Some couples also provide blankets at the ceremony chairs for extra warmth. Depending on the time of year you host your wedding, you can plan to add some sort of warming element to your decor for a delightful touch. 

Consider Your Unique Location

This tip is general but very important. If you are in a particularly sunny location, you may want to include beautiful patio umbrellas in your ceremony design for some relief. Got mosquitos? Think of ways to include some sort of repellant into the day. It may not sound fancy, but if you think of that beforehand, it will relieve your guests and your anxieties for the day. Think about where you are hosting your day and what things may happen there, and then make decisions to create the most comfortable decisions for everyone.

As you plan your ceremony, have fun and know that there are no strict rules when it comes to decor for your ceremony. This day is all about you and the love of your life, so have fun and think of the details. The more you plan, the more you can enjoy your day when it’s finally here. If you plan an indoor or outdoor wedding in San Diego, view our 13 venues. We are here to help you plan your ideal day.