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2024 Summer Through Winter Wedding Trends


May 20, 2024

Beautiful young woman choosing a wedding dress in a wedding salon from a range of different colors from black to brown as she follows the 2024 trend of a colored wedding dress.

2024 Summer Through Winter Wedding Trends

While every season is wedding season, things start to heat up in the world of weddings around the summer. We are unpacking the trends we’ve seen so far in 2024 and what we expect as we get through the summer and winter months. 

Welcome Parties

A fairly new party has come on the scene for weddings over the past few years, and it’s called a welcome party. While most couples have a rehearsal the evening before the wedding, many opt to rehearse and invite all of the VIPs (and sometimes everyone) to a pre-wedding party. The welcome party can be as laid-back as an at-home barbecue or an extravagant party to wet the palate for folks on what is to come over the weekend. We love this event, especially for couples with lots of out-of-town guests who want their family and friends to get to know one another before the big day. Hosting a welcome party will make your wedding day even more fun, as guests will break the ice here rather than at your reception.


Micro Weddings

Small weddings climbed into fashion after the pandemic when venues had to accommodate fewer people in their maximum capacities. While we saw the trend wane in 2022 and 2023, micro weddings are returning with staying power this year. Rather than a necessity, people are choosing to throw intimate weddings with just their closest friends and family, personalizing it to exactly who they are. We love micro weddings for their ease on couples’ wedding budgets and how much creativity people tend to put into them. With a micro wedding, you can go all in on decor, entertainment, and dress code because the people attending are your closest and best, making the celebration even more special. 



Elopements, the big sister of micro weddings, have been the choice for many throughout history. But with people seeking more intimate experiences, 2024 summer through winter weddings will be filled with private elopements with epic after parties. Gone are the formalities of weddings, cocktail hour, and receptions—now couples are opting for epic elopements and stellar receptions where everyone can celebrate.


No Wedding Party 

From the early 2000s through 2020, big wedding parties were all the rage. We often saw weddings with five to over ten people per side honoring the couple. Now, in what follows the theme of intimacy, couples are opting for no wedding party at all. This move feels like a beautiful way to ensure every invitee feels important and like they are equally a part of the day. It also puts all of the focus on the happy couple and their weddings. So, we think this trend is here to stay.


Dress Code

The tradition of dressing up for a wedding has been around for ages. Now, though, things are taking a slight shift. In 2024 and early 2025, we will continue to see a trend of weddings with dress codes. Whether the couple is planning an “all pink monochromatic” affair or going for something more whimsical like Alice in Wonderland, many people are having their guests show up to their wedding dressed to a theme to fully immerse themselves in the day. It is a fun touch to bring your wedding to the next level.


Colored Wedding Dresses

Whether dip-dyed or made with colorful fabrics, colorful wedding dresses are in. Tradition calls for a bride to wear white, but many modern brides are choosing to make their dresses their very own by grabbing them in their favorite color. Not only does this make the wedding dress even more unique, many people can save money by purchasing their dress outside of a traditional bridal shop.


Disposable Cameras At Every Table

In the age of cell phones and digital media, the disposable camera is making a comeback. Whether the couple wants a cell phone-free wedding or just wants their day documented on film from the perspective of multiple people, many wedding planners and couples are opting to provide disposable cameras for each table at the reception or, in some cases, every guest! It’s a fun, relatively inexpensive touch that will give everyone the chance to actively participate in your day. We hope this trend is here to stay.


As we look at planning a wedding for the end of 2024 through early 2025, you may want to add one or even a few of these ideas to your special day. If you are hosting your wedding in San Diego, California—contact us to see how we can make your ideal day come to life in one of our 13 indoor and outdoor event venues.