Best Business Practices Around The Globe

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Every culture is different and has something unique to offer in business. No matter where you’re from or what geography your company serves, there’s much to learn foreign approaches and perspectives. Let’s consider some “cultural best practices” that help define international business.

Business Meetings Outside the Office (U.S.)

When it comes to exciting and unconventional meetings, the United States leads the world. The U.S. has given rise to a culture of productive, inventive and interesting meetings in top quality venues. That helps participants focus, get involved and own the results.

Being on Time (Russia)

Certain cultures may have a relaxed attitude toward time, but not Russia. Russian business leaders can be counted on to be where they’re expected to be no matter what. This helps ensure things move forward and builds the trust necessary for collaboration.

Healthy Work-Life Balance (Denmark)

Research has shown that productivity drops off with hours worked. As you delve into 60 hours a week and beyond, you rarely get much more done than with the 40-hour standard. In Denmark, strong laws protect workers from unnecessary late shifts and other overtime hassles.

Conduct Business Over Lunch, Not Dinner (Mexico)

By the time dinner rolls around, it’s easy to feel mentally checked out for the day. In Mexico, many business meetings are scheduled for midday, oftentimes over lunch. Incorporating a tasty meal between long hours gives participants a little extra something to look forward to.

Efficiency and Work Ethic (Germany)

Germany is known worldwide for its commitment to quality and efficiency. Its manufacturers have remarkably low defect rates, for example. This is partially because each person takes pride in his or her work and feels invested in the outcome.

Guaranteed Vacation and Parental Leave (Worldwide)

Many countries throughout the world mandate a certain amount of annual paid leave, including parental leave. Occasional vacations – without possibility of penalty – allow employees to charge their batteries and come back prepared to perform at their best.

Willingness to Disconnect (France)

In early 2017, France made waves with the idea of the “right to disconnect.” It protects team members from feeling pressured to “check in” on work email all hours of the day and night. The improvements in morale make a real difference.

Although each culture brings a different perspective, best practices belong to the world at large. Feeling inspired? Adopt your favorite international ideas into the workplace – they could make a big difference.

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