7 Steps For Planning A Successful Business Meeting

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The Centre Business Meeting Space

Whether business meetings are a part of your daily routine or a less frequent obligation, we can all agree that their success is highly dependent upon preparation. Set yourself up for success by following these 7 steps for planning a business meeting.

1. Arrange a Time and Place

Find a date and time that works for everyone. Pick a meeting space that will accommodate the needs of your business meeting — size, features, equipment, amenities. Once the time and place have been established, communicate the details to all participants right away.

2. Determine a Goal

When you know exactly what you’re looking to accomplish, planning the rest of a meeting will come with ease. Be sure to determine a goal that is clear and concise — one that ties all components of the meeting together with purpose.

3. Create Structure

Depending on your goal, you will need to decide how the meeting will be facilitated. Will the meeting be run by the participation of attendees or will it be run solely by one individual? Creating structure will ensure everyone is on the same page in terms of meeting expectations.

4. Have an Agenda

It’s important to keep your meeting on track in order to regulate efficiency. Agendas are a great way to accomplish this. Include topics and presentations that contribute to your goals, as well as a reasonable timeline. Use your agenda to manage discussions, transition smoothly and stay on point.

5. Get Attendees on Board

Meeting productivity can be immensely influenced by the participants. If attendees aren’t prepared, the meeting will suffer. Let them know how they can best prepare — What are they expected to bring to the table?

6. Organize Materials & Equipment

Valuable meeting time can be easily wasted if the proper materials aren’t organized ahead of time. You should know exactly what you will need and if additional preparation will be necessary. Anything from handouts and chairs to projectors and speakers should be taken care of in advance.

7. Test Drive

It never hurts to run through the agenda, practice presentations and test out equipment before the real deal. The more confident you are with how the meeting will play out, the better.

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