5 Ways To Use Social Media At Your Corporate Event

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using social media at a corporate event

Conferences and corporate events provide you with ideal opportunities to achieve team goals and build your business. Whether your aim is to increase brand awareness, boost employee morale, build relationships with industry partners, or establish your position in the market, conference goals and objectives vary. One thing they have in common, however, is the challenge of keeping the audience engaged and interested. In today’s day and age, social media is the perfect tool to achieve this.

Here are 5 ways social media can be used to help make the most of conferences and business events this year.

Create a Hashtag

First, make sure the hashtag is unused and unique. Keep it simple and easy to remember. Once you’ve found a hashtag that works, make it known. Include it in all social media promotions regarding the event. Get employees and other attendees on board by adding the hashtag to their personal posts. Continue using the hashtag during and after the event (encourage the same for others). If it’s an annual event, include the year — for example: #CorporateEvent2017.

Promote Your Event

Social media gives you a convenient and far-reaching opportunity to raise awareness of your upcoming conference. Schedule posts on all of your social media accounts to ensure that those who are interested find out about it early — use the hashtag! Create stimulating posts that will likely result in engagement and shares. The goal is to achieve the highest possible awareness and buzz prior to the event.

Encourage Attendee Interaction

Make use of social media during your conference as a way to encourage attendees to participate. With the help of social media platforms and hashtags, consider projecting icebreakers or discussion questions on a large screen within the room to encourage active discussions among attendees. Provide live updates via social media throughout presentations for those unable to attend the conference. Fellow attendees should be able to provide updates as well. The hashtag you created will be a great way to keep all interactions, updates and discussions organized.

Use Visuals

On social media, visual posts make all the difference. Be sure to incorporate images, photos and infographics to draw the attention of viewers. This will also create more incentive for employees and attendees to share and promote the event as well. Similar to the hashtag, visuals can be used during and after the conference to help keep the buzz going. Encourage guests to take photos and share their experience on social media — using the hashtag of course!

Create Long-term Engagement

Using social media to interact with guests is an effective way to establish a relationship that goes beyond the conference or event. Social media can be a source for attendees to reach out with follow up questions, concerns, comments or even thank-yous. Keep attendees involved by asking questions with specific content from the event that they’ll be eager to answer and share. If it’s an annual event, aim to keep the conference content flowing so that new audiences are intrigued to join next year.

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