5 Tips to Throw a Spooky Memorable Halloween Party

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halloween party

Halloween is one of the holidays that people look forward to the most. It’s time to make this a memorable one, so if you’re thinking of throwing a spooky Halloween party, there’s plenty of time to prepare and make it successful.

Here are 5 tips to ensure that you throw the most memorable Halloween party yet.

Decide on a Theme

It’s not mandatory to choose a theme for your party. However, themed parties are all the more fun around Halloween time. Choosing the theme early on will help guide you in the planning process and make it easier on hosts and guests alike. This way, you can achieve the unforgettable zombie or monster mash you’ve dreamed of.

Achieve a Haunted Setup

Creating an eerie ambiance is step one.  Keep the lights dim and the décor spooky to accomplish an abandoned setup and look. If you want to go the extra mile, add mock fog, antique dripping candles or vintage gothic photos to create a ghoulish feel.

Orange isn’t always necessary just because it’s Halloween. Use black and white as a color scheme to bring a mysterious, yet classic feel to the event. Or, simplify the planning by choosing a venue and event staff to pre-decorate and put less strain on yourself.

Go for an Extra Scare on your Costumes                                                      

What is a Halloween party without costumes? Guarantee your guests will attend in their most ‘spooktacular’ costume by holding a costume contest. Offer an award or gift for the most creative, scary or funny costumes. Make this clear in the event invitation, whichever form you choose to send it in. Great costumes will generate a lot of the buzz around your event.

Spooky Snacks and Drinks

Leave it to the food and drinks to bring some Halloween fun. Feed the zombies, witches and ghosts with ghoulishly delightful dishes like poison apples or mummy brie. Tie it all together with a signature cocktail like a Jack-O’-Lantern Cocktail or a Black Magic martini. 

Halloween Cocktail

Image via HGTV

Use hallowed out pumpkins to hold bottles or serve drinks in an elegant glass punch bowl. Swap out the champagne flute and classic wine glass for a vial with grenadine or an overflowing martini glass to make creepy cocktails.

Ghostly Games and Entertainment

Costume competitions are most expected at a Halloween event. This inspires everyone to put more thought into their attire, especially if you offer a prize for the winner. Other than a costume competition, entertain guests by arranging live music with performers that tie into the theme, a magician or even a contortionist.

Lastly, remember to have fun while planning and you will have a spectacular event!

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