5 Tips For Communicating With Your Bridesmaids

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bride and bridesmaids

Having a bridal party gives brides a chance to make their big day even more special. It can even be a source for the bride to avoid stress. With the right communication between the two, wedding events will have a better chance of going smoothly. When you’re planning your wedding, it’s important to make sure you and your bridal party are on the same page every step of the way. Here are some helpful questions to keep in mind:

What Are the Bridal Party’s Responsibilities?

Bridal parties traditionally have some important responsibilities to fulfill before and during the wedding. For example, the maid of honor usually plans the bridal shower. As the bride, you should let your bridal party know exactly what is expected of them, whether you’re going the traditional route or not. Communicate this early on.

Are There Going to Be Bridal Party Events Prior to the Wedding?

If you’re planning on holding any events for your bridal party before the wedding, let your bridesmaids and maid of honor know as early as possible. Try your best to find a date that works for everyone. The more you plan and communicate, the more you can prevent scheduling conflicts or last-minute cancellations.

How Involved Will the Bridal Party Be?

Bridal parties should know how big of a role they’re expected to have before and during the wedding. Brides should be upfront right from the start and let their bridal party know whether they can expect to have a large role to play or a more limited one. The more detail communicated beforehand, the less confusion or questions there will be as the wedding comes closer.

What is the Best Way to Communicate?

It’s important to keep your bridal party up-to-date on any event changes or added details. Likewise, your bridal party should let you know about anything that comes up in their lives that might affect their availability. Make sure that your bridal party knows the best way to reach you. For general concerns and updates, it’s best to communicate to the bridal party altogether. Create a group text, Facebook group or email thread where everyone is involved.

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