5 Event Planning Apps That Make Life Easier


Are you planning an important event? Chances are, there’s a lot of moving parts and things to keep track of from the moment you start to plan, all the way to the actual day of the event. One way to simplify this planning process is to use a helpful app to keep yourself on track and make sure the event goes as planned.

A good app helps you keep all of the details straight. From your venue to the latest message from the caterer, you can see all of your event details in a single place.

But which event planning app should you use? There are a ton of options to choose from for both iPhone and Android.

We’ve rounded up 5 of the best apps we’ve found to make life easier for you as you plan your next event. Read on to see how you can simplify the planning process!


24me calls itself your Smart Personal Assistant.

It’s a great app because it automatically creates to-do lists based on items in your calendar. If you’re the type of person who loves to organize tasks into different lists, then 24me is a good option.

One great feature is the specific alerts 24me provides. For example, the app has a “Be There on Time” alert, which lets you know the right time to leave for your meetings or appointments based on traffic conditions. It even provides you with a street view of the target destination and opens your default navigation app with the correct address.


Evernote might be the most well-known task management app, and for good reason. Its easy-to-use interface coupled with a desktop and mobile version makes it an industry leader in both event planning and productivity.

The best feature of Evernote is that the app is able to sync, in real time, all of your notes from all devices. That’s a key feature to have for anyone running on different tablets, smartphones, and laptops. When you’re planning the event and working from multiple places, this app ensures you have any and all relevant notes or information at your fingertips, all the time.

Planning Pod

Planning Pod is one of the most robust event planning apps to date. From planning to promotion to check-in, this event management software simplifies how you plan events by integrating 30+ tools into their platform.

It does cost money, but the company offers a free trial before committing yourself to it.

Planning Pod focuses on putting all of your most important information into a centralized dashboard to help you stay on track while you plan your event. Items like invoices due, conference task lists, and schedules and more are all included in the main dashboard.

You can also boost productivity, track attendees, collaborate online, promote your events, and manage business details in the app.


Todist is a really simple, trusted app that takes the idea of a to-do list to the next level. You can keep all your action-items in one place so you can feel capable and motivated to accomplish your goals.

You’re able to enter tasks, assign them a priority, due date, and flag them as being for any category you can think of. In addition, there’s an inbox feature where uncategorized tasks go until you assign them out so you never forget an essential step of the event planning process.


If you’re a fan of the time-tested spreadsheet-style event management, you’ll love Smartsheet!

It takes spreadsheets to the next level by allowing you to track, projects, assign tasks, and allow the sheets to be edited through Outlook. You can even collaborate easily with team members and hold discussions about the event or current planning stage. These features and more, let you see the entire planning process and all of the steps needed to make that event go off without a hitch.

There’s no shortage of great event planning apps on the market. The trick is finding one that works best for the needs of your events.

If you’re looking for a great place to host your next event, we’d love to have you here at The CentreGet in touch today to see how we can help your next event go above and beyond expectations!

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