4 Unique Ideas for Your Next Fundraiser Event

Fundraising Conference Room

For charitable organizations, fundraising events can be an effective way to bring in money to support their programs. Estimates indicate that for every 24 cents spent on a fundraiser event, organizations can plan to get a return of $1 in profit.

That said, donors can sometimes get fatigued with fundraisers. This is because many of these events follow a similar pattern: chicken or steak for dinner, a cash bar, and 30-minute address from a keynote speaker.

Looking to shake things up for your next fundraiser event? Check out these four unique ideas to jumpstart your planning.

Organize a Sporting Event

Exercise, athletics, and physical activity release endorphins, which help people to feel happy and positive. This can make sporting events a great activity for fundraisers. You get people feeling good, which gets them more willing to part with their money for a great cause.

There are a few ways you can organize an event like this. Many organizations do charity walks or runs, but these are not the only options. For instance, a charity soccer, kickball, softball, or basketball game can also be a great way to build excitement and foster friendly competition.

Of course, this strategy does not have to be separated from the traditional fundraiser. You can still host a dinner after the sporting event as a way to celebrate the competitors and bring in additional funds.

Baseball in Women's Hand

Make it a Game

Sporting events are not the only way to incorporate fun and excitement into your fundraiser. Depending on your target audience, there may be other types of games that are more likely to attract their attention.

For instance, card games like poker or bridge can make for great tournaments. You can even set up a large screen to host a video game tournament to attract a younger constituency.

Give it a Theme

With any party, choosing the right theme can be key to creating an exciting event. A themed event can be an effective way to build excitement and bring in more guests.

For instance, you could do a Casino Royale theme where guests dress up like characters for Jame Bond movies. You could even include traditional casino games and have the proceeds benefit the charity.

Casino Game

Host an Auction

One great way to make your fundraising event more effective is to include multiple ways for attendees to contribute money. For instance, instead of just selling tickets to a dinner, you also sell raffle tickets for baskets or a 50/50.

Auctions can be an effective add-on feature for fundraisers. Including donated items from community partners can make the overhead costs for putting on an auction much lower. It can also build excitement and add a fun activity to evening to make it different from other events.

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With these tips in mind, you will be able to plan a unique fundraiser event that keeps donors talking. Ready to get started? Contact us today to book the Centre as a one of a kind venue for your fundraiser.

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