4 Tips for Hosting a Corporate Fundraising Event

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Hosting a fundraising event can become a job in itself when added to your daily duties. However, planning the event and knowing its purpose and goals will go a long way toward a successful fundraiser. Whether holding a fundraiser at a convention center, your office, a community center, a ball field or your home, the success of the event is in the initial planning – long before the first invitation is sent or press release is published.

Know the Purpose of the Fundraiser

Are you truly hosting a fundraising event,or is it a means for someone to gain publicity, or is it purely to raise awareness? It may be any or all of these, but knowing the purpose and goals for the event will help you figure out the details and how to best plan all the successful details.

What is your Budget?

As part of your planning process, a complete budget needs to be created. Items to be included are any expenses for catering, decoration, entertainment, location rental, invitations, security, utilities, transportation and anything else that will need to be purchased or paid for regarding the fundraising event. Always make sure to include an incidentals line so you can cover those unexpected, yet necessary, extra expenses.

Use Every Available Means of Promotion

Use online as well as traditional means of marketing for your fundraiser. It will lower some of your costs and broaden your audience. Social networks, Facebook, and Twitter posts can get the word out to your target audience. Not only will you be informing people of the event, you can gain a lot of free publicity for your cause and your benefit through social sharing.

Target Audience

Who will be most likely to attend your event? The target audience you’ll market to will depend on the goal of the fundraiser. Is this a general fundraiser or will it target a specific group? Are you targeting teenagers, business people, young professionals or seniors? Knowing your audience will help you know who to send invitations to and how to plan the fundraiser.

Planning – The Success of a Fundraiser

Planning will help when you are tasked with hosting a fundraiser. Knowing the key elements mentioned above and having the support of the group that will assist with putting the event together will help you host a successful fundraiser.

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