3 Benefits to the Coffee Shop Meeting

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Meeting in a coffee shop The business world today is jammed with deadlines, overstuffed inboxes, and even instant messages—digital and in sticky note format. Everyone seems to be running full speed to get information transported. In a world where technology has made everyone absolutely accessible, it seems as if one trend may be shifting a bit. Meetings are taking a turn for the better—especially when it comes to clients and even some internal colleague discussions. The days of yesteryear are starting to appear as more people prefer a more casual and friendlier atmosphere to discuss deals, get a new perspective and even perform decision making. The perfect venue for these impromptu meetings; your local coffee shop. The reasons are quite clear. Take a look at some of the positive aspects and you’ll see the benefits of making your next meeting a coffee shop meeting.

It’s Hard to Say No to Coffee

Generally speaking, most clients, or even potential clients, will agree to a quick coffee shop meeting. These meetings are quick and don’t involve much time. Furthermore, it’s hard to turn down a good cup of coffee—especially when another person is buying. Since the coffee shop is neutral ground, it’s easier for clients to feel more comfortable. You’ll have the opportunity to get a better feel for their needs, agendas, etc. Using a coffee shop as a meeting place typically leads to a further discussion too. You could even try our very own coffee shop located within The Centre, Culture Craft Coffee and Espresso.

Easy to Organize

Companies also favor this meeting approach. It seems that a coffee shop meeting is a lot cheaper on an expense report. Furthermore, conference rooms tend to be scarce in some locations. If you’re looking for a great place to meet for an in-person meeting, a coffee shop works perfectly. Plus, you don’t have to worry about reservations.

Still Productive

Coffee shops are known for having Wi-Fi access. If discussions are going well, clients may want to see more about a product or service offering and having Wi-Fi access enables you to provide them with that. If you need to have a meeting with your team, coffee shops can work well for those small internal discussions that allow for a change of scenery and focused conversation outside of the office. Remember why you chose the coffee shop in the first place. Keep your meeting brief, but also, make sure you listen. You’re in a different environment so you may hear a different perspective from your client or colleague. In the end, make certain that you thank the individual for their time. After all, you may find out that you get a lot more accomplished in just twenty minutes. — If you enjoyed this post you might also want to read, “The Benefits of Taking Coffee Breaks at Work.” At The Centre, a unique collection of experiences has been created for you to make the most of every day: Take in a concert, enjoy dinner with friends, host an event or an off-site meeting, drop your car off for service—all in one place. We believe you will discover that time at The Centre is time well spent. For more information, contact us today!

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