2017 Wedding Trend: Greenery

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greenery wedding bouquet

While wedding trends come and go, it seems as if a new minimalist style is sticking around for the long haul: greenery. Brides are keeping it simple by incorporating Mother Nature’s green hues — and the results are stunning. While many brides-to-be are dressing up greenery with splashes of color, others are going completely green. With the numerous ways greenery can be incorporated, each look proves to turn out just as gorgeous as the next.

Naturalistic decor offers an easy way to accomplish a minimalistic yet charming look no matter the theme or location of your wedding. We’ve explored some of our favorite ways to accomplish the look. So if you’re loving the trend as much as we are, take a look at these lovely ideas.

A Simple Tasty Cake

Simplistic wedding cakes can oftentimes be the most breathtaking. Consider the traditional tiered structures, and boast a hint of green with other natural touches here and there. This is a great way to accomplish a simple yet elegant look for the wedding cake of your dreams.

wedding cake with leaves

Image credit: thebohemianwedding.com

Taking Center Table

Even reception tables are showcasing these lovely green hues by offering simplistic touches of nature’s bounty. For long tables, use a continuous green vine along the center. For round-tables, use groupings of leafy foliage. Add baby’s breath or another crisp white flower of choice.

Green Aisles

Dress up your wedding aisle by adding a vine of leaves and flowers. If you’re wanting something more simplistic, use a few pieces of foliage and a flower. Use a piece of twine or white ribbon to adhere to your seating.

wedding isle leaf decor

Image credit: modwedding.com

Leafy Wedding Arch

Use green vines to intertwine your wedding arch. Want a bolder look? Incorporate larger leaves or weave in bouquets of your favorite flower. Try white fabric as a backdrop and allow your green hue to shine. For a special touch, add flower groupings sporadically.

The Essential Touch

A bride’s bouquet is her ultimate highlight of beauty. The greenery trend is the perfect minimalistic and natural look for enhancing the picturesque moment while walking down the isle.

leafy wedding bouquet

Image credit: Paulina Weddings

Dress Up The Venue

Whether your big day is being held indoors or outdoors, adding the natural, leafy look can be easy. Place greenery garlands around light fixtures and allow them to dangle gracefully. The same can be done around doorways, overhangs, tables and chairs.

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