The Co-Ed Bridal Shower: Celebrating the Couple Together


More and more, brides are deciding to have their bridal shower with the women AND the men. Gone are the days of the all-ladies country club and living room showers. Now you can celebrate by throwing a fun event that involves both the bride and the groom!

Co-Ed showers, also known as Jack and Jill showers, can represent both the bride and the groom’s personalities and interests. Keep in mind that the purpose of a shower is to give gifts, so the theme should be something that speaks to both of them. Here are some things to consider when planning or hosting a Co-Ed bridal shower:

Who Will Host?

The shower can be hosted by the best man and the maid of honor, several of the couple’s friends or even the entire bridal party. A great perk to having a Co-Ed shower is that there are more people involved in hosting, which means the costs can be divided up among more people.

Guest List

The invite list might be a bit overwhelming since it will involve combining guest lists. But keep in mind that, like we said above, there will be more people hosting the event, so the cost will be less. Close friends, family and co-workers should be on your guest list for the Co-Ed shower, but remember to extend the invitation only to those guests that are invited to the wedding.


The venue for the Jack and Jill shower can range anywhere from a rustic winery, to a picnic at the beach, to a party at your favorite neighborhood restaurant or even a private event space.

There are no set rules for planning a Co-Ed shower, so do what you think is best for the couple!

For more formal showers, Friday and Saturday evenings are ideal. If you choose to have the Co-Ed shower at a more formal venue, be sure to contact them early to secure your date and time. At The Centre Escondido, we have an on-site event planner that can help you with all your bridal shower needs.


What to Eat?

Food and drinks are key to a Co-Ed wedding shower. Your menu will be dependent on the venue. For example, if you are throwing a beach picnic, barbecue will appeal to both the men and women. If it is a more upscale venue, think steak or seafood, salad and mouth-watering desserts. Drinks can include anything from champagne to sangria, depending on where you decide to have the shower.

Games & Activities

Group games and activities can be a great ice breaker and can loosen people up. You could plan a friendly game of volleyball or softball with the girls playing the guys. Another idea would be to play He Said She Said, Toss the Ball or Newly Wed games.

Gifts for the Bride & Groom

Some fun gift ideas for a Co-Ed shower include:

  • Honeymoon specific gifts
  • Gift cards for romantic activities
  • Spa and massage certificates
  • Liquor or barware items
  • Kitchen items
  • Sports gear such as bikes, tennis rackets or golf gear

Remember that a Co-Ed wedding shower is ultimately about the happy couple having a memorable time with their close friends and family, so relax, enjoy the process and most of all have fun with it!

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