Must-Haves For Fundraising Events

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Fundraisers are wonderful events for a number of reasons: raising money and awareness for a good cause, creating an environment of positive influence, bringing people together with genuine intentions. Whether the goal is to reach a certain monetary goal or further educate people about a cause, fundraisers are an exciting opportunity for great business or social events. If you find yourself in charge of organizing a fundraiser, consider these must-have checklist items to ensure you’re on track for success.

A Budget

In some cases, you might be able to get certain event essentials donated such as food, drinks or even entertainment. It’s important, however, to plan for all other expenses with a solidified budget ahead of time. Get as specific as you can to prevent any room for error — round expenses up if necessary. When a budget is created early on, you will be more likely to stay on track throughout the entirety of the planning process.

Proper Promotion

In order to see the utmost success of your fundraising event, early promotion and event exposure is crucial. Whether the fundraiser is intended to be private or public, you must understand who your audience is in order to achieve proper promotion. The more people that come through the door, the more you are likely to raise for your cause. Consider asking co-workers, friends, family and of course people in your network to help you get the word out about the event. Take advantage of social media, email marketing and other cost-effective promotional tactics.

Donation Options

Help to make donating as easy as possible for all attendees and donors. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to provide different ways for money to be sent in — through a website, mail, mobile apps, etc. That way, individuals can do what’s most convenient for them and will be more likely to help benefit the cause. At the event itself, consider including fun components that add to the fundraising efforts by offering an additional incentive. Raffles and silent auctions that complement the cause are two popular options.


One of the most important elements to a fundraising event, but one which is often overlooked: thank-yous. There are many different forms of thank-you efforts. Thank-you notes should be sent to attendees, volunteers, event venue coordinators and anyone involved with making the event a success. Be sure to include measurable components that prove success such as money raised and total attendance. This last component makes the difference with your last impression!

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