5 Inspiring Ideas For Fundraiser Entertainment

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Stephen Fishwick art at The Centre

Fundraising and charity events tend to have a unique ambiance about them, gathering people for a particular purpose and shared interest to give back. They provide an opportunity to bring light to serious charities or institutions. Incorporating entertainment that is both fun and appropriate plays a huge role in lightening up these types of events.

By exploring quality entertainment for your guests, you can help provide a common sense of excitement among attendees. Whether it’s a private charity event or a corporate fundraiser, these ideas are sure to help keep your guests entertained and engaged.

Pure Comedy

An event is not complete without joy and laughter. For a fundraising event, you need a unique type of comedy. Comedy that the audience can relate to by respectfully making fun of diverse life experiences. Numerous events have children in the midst. The comedian should even consider targeting the little ones for an especially thoughtful laugh.

Entertainment That Has Value

It’s not all about entertaining your audience through humor or arts; it’s about offering them inspirational tips too. Someone with expertise and authority in the field can appropriately relate any source of entertainment to a charitable cause. Influence through passion, relatability and excitement will encourage the audience to find it within themselves to contribute for the right reasons.

Explore the Art Way

Something is fascinating about art. It pleases the eyes while adding style, character and personality to a fundraising event. Your event ought to stand out. An art wall is a perfect place for guests to take group pictures and further promote the cause. The possibilities are endless. Hire a live painter as entertainment. Then auction off the masterpieces as an additional source of raising funds.

Tell a Story

Storytelling is a great way of keeping your event touching and personable. Keep in mind, the storyteller doesn’t have to be a professional or expert by any means. Personal stories from anyone positively affected by the cause can be incredibly powerful and influential. Heart, passion and honesty are what truly make up a good storyteller for a charitable event.

Music Never Goes Wrong

Music is an entertainment source that can appeal to pretty much anyone. Consider a cover band that plays songs from a range of genres to captivate all musical tastes. If it’s in the budget, bring in a couple different artists to change the pace and keep people on their toes throughout the event.

Even the most remarkable fundraisers need the right approach to entertainment. These entertainment ideas are sure to make your event memorable.

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