How to Plan a Nonprofit Fundraiser

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Fundraisers are an important part of the long-term strategy for nonprofit organizations. By planning and running successful fundraising events, you give potential donors an opportunity to connect with the cause in a new way – transforming their values into something concrete. It’s also oftentimes more beneficial to provide a date in which those potential donors are able to they plan their calendar around, making support for the cause more tangible.

Here are some essential considerations that you will want to have in mind when planning for a nonprofit fundraiser:

Be Clear About Your Goal

Changing the world happens one step at a time. Based on the volume and type of donors you plan to invite, select one fundraising goal and stick to it. The sooner you establish your goal, the easier it will be to publicize and align people behind it.

Select the Right Kind of Event

Fundraisers can range from something small and intimate to a huge, lavish gala. Your mission, goal and demographics are important, but balance these against the practical considerations – money, time and available staff – to select the right event format.

Choose the Appropriate Venue

The right venue for your nonprofit event can make an event truly memorable. The better you know your attendees and environment of your event, the easier it will be to choose the perfect venue. Something with unique, striking amenities will stick with them. A good location is essential for enhancing your guests’ convenience as well!

Connect with Corporate Sponsors

In today’s world, more businesses are looking for ways to connect with the local community. Sometimes, senior executives will help contribute to a cause that resonates with them – but when your donor community matches their target demographic, partnering up is much easier.

Motivate Your Attendees

Pay the utmost care to donor touch-points, especially your initial invitation. Give attendees the opportunity to donate above the price of entry and many will take it. Also encourage them to spread the word to others by making the event details easy to share on social media.

Promote Your Event Continuously

There are more promotional tools available today than ever before, and many of them are very cost-effective. Make sure your promotional plan includes a good website, social media and email foundation as well as traditional print approaches. Ensure corporate sponsors are doing their part online and off, too!

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