The Most Essential Maid of Honor Duties for a Stress-Free Bride


Have you recently accepted the position of maid of honor for your sister, friend, or relative?

If so, congratulations! Being the maid of honor is a role that not every woman gets to experience in their lifetime.

But what exactly does the role entail and what are the maid of honor duties you’re expected to fulfill? In this article, we’ll cover the most essential maid of honor duties you’ll need to execute on so your bride can have a stress-free time on her Big Day.

Let’s get started!

The Bride’s Right-Hand Woman

After someone asks you to be their maid of honor, it’s crucial that the two of you establish her expectations. If she’s not hiring a wedding planner, it generally means she’ll be doing most of the planning herself. And that’s where you come in to lend a very helpful hand.

Does she want someone to help her research and visit wedding venues? Does she need help addressing invitations and Save the Dates? Who will go with her to dress shop or to cake tastings?

Fill in wherever and whenever she needs help. Even if that means hosting a night-in with movies and wine when she’s stressed, your support will mean a lot to her.


The Leader of the Bridal Party

Leading the bridal party is one of the most important maid of honor responsibilities.

For starters, you should form a group chat that consists of you, the bride, and the other bridesmaids. If the bride has other close relatives, like her mother or aunt, make sure to include them in the bridal party too.

Not only will you be planning the bridal shower, but you’ll be making sure that the other bridesmaids have ordered their dresses on time. You may even plan the engagement and bachelorette parties if the bride wants one.

On the day of the wedding, you’ll help prepare the bride and the bridesmaids. From doing someone’s hair to making sure that the bride stays relaxed, you’ll be the wing woman.

The Maid of Honor Duties on Wedding Day

All your maid of honor responsibilities will kick into high gear as the guests arrive.

You’ll likely walk down the aisle along with the best man. It’s not uncommon now for the bridal parties to do a choreographed dance down the aisle, or have a little fun with their entrance. But just make sure you run things by the bride and groom first!

During the wedding, you’ll hold the bride’s bouquet while she and the groom take their vows. You may even sign the marriage license as a witness.

Before the reception kicks off, you can help guests find their seats. You can also make sure that the catering and bar staff are ready to roll.

Throughout the reception, you’ll want to make sure things are lively and fun. Socialize with guests, dance with the bridal party, and make sure to check in with the bride every now and then.


The maid of honor speech will be a highlight of the wedding. Don’t wait until the last minute to write it! Have others read and critique the speech before the day of the wedding.

Be The Best Maid of Honor 

There’s more to being a maid of honor than delivering a speech or hosting a bachelorette party. It’s a role that plays a very large part over the course of the weeks and months leading up to the wedding itself. And how you fulfill your maid of honor duties will leave a lasting impression for years to come.

If someone has chosen you to be their maid of honor, they may need your help choosing venues.

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