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Business Meeting Needs for 2020

Business Meeting Needs for 2020

As we enter the last quarter of the year, it’s important to jump ahead on the planning for 2020. Impress your employees with beautiful and accommodating meeting venues at The Centre, located in Escondido, CA, where we offer various venue spaces fully equipped for all of your business needs. In fact, this month, we are upgrading our venue spaces with all-new audio & visual components! To help you decide on all of your business needs, we’re giving you a few reasons why off-site meetings can be more effective.

Change of Scenery

Meeting outside of the office can really give the employees a breath of fresh air. When getting together at a different location, everyone is forced to adapt to a new environment which prevents individuals from falling into their usual meeting routine, such as taking the same seat, staring out of the same window, etc. Therefore, creativity is sparked and ideas will flow easier through discussion.

Face-to face Communication

No more hiding behind the phone calls and emails! When you’re at an off-site meeting, you are given the opportunity to meet your colleagues in-person and able to put a face to a name. This helps create healthy professional relationships, as well as strengthen existing ones. Also, the change of scenery tends to relax employees, which can make conversations start in a smoother and more natural manner.

New Type of Learning

Off-site meetings are hardly similar to your normal office meetings. Icebreakers are usually a significant part of the conversation, because they teach individuals to step outside of their comfort zone. Breaking off into teams is another great way of learning that you usually don’t experience in your everyday environment. Typically, in your office, you work with the same group of individuals. However, at an off-site meeting, there are usually representatives from various departments. When you break off into groups, you are not only meeting new people, you are also learning how to work with unfamiliar work styles and personality types.


There are many benefits to planning off-site meetings for your employees. The Centre, home of Lexus Escondido and located near Temecula, CA, is available to assist you with fulfilling all of your business needs. Contact our Events Team today and begin booking for 2020!

New Event Venue & More are Coming

New Event Venue & More are Coming

The Centre’s new Diamond Ridge room, a 4,000 sq. ft venue, will be opening November, 2019. Featuring Italian stone, chandeliers, and ultramodern audio and visual components, it makes for an elegant, yet comfortable setting. With a seating capacity of up to 250 guests, it’s a perfect location for your wedding, quinceañera or special event. We are booking up quickly for our 2019 holiday season; inquire now for pricing and availability!

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